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Biodiversitätsinformatik / Biodiversity Informatics
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European Natural History Specimen Information Network

quoted from the ENHSIN homepage at the Natural History Museum (NHM), London:
The central aim of  the European Natural History Specimen Information Network (ENHSIN) is to enable the development of a shared, interoperable infrastructure of natural history specimen databases in European institutions. Although exciting developments have been made in producing frameworks for connecting global species databases (Species 2000) and for providing access to the wider content of European natural history collections (BioCISE), there is, at present, no corresponding approach to facilitate access to specimen data. ENHSIN is intended to fill this lacuna. 

The BGBM is responsible for a workpackage to develop and evaluate a pilot network as a demonstrator and basis for further discussions.

The Pilot (experimental)

Work package co-ordination: Walter Berendsohn
Pilot development: Anton Güntsch


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