ABCD Schema - Task Group on
Access to Biological Collection Data

A joint CODATA and TDWG initiative supported by GBIF

ABCD First Reference Implementation Version: 1.20

August 6, 2003. This is the version currently in use to connect data providers to the GBIF and BioCASe networks.

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Development of ABCD 1.20

Version 1.20 is being used in a reference implementation by the BioCASE project (see under Unit-level provider). In general features, it is very similar to ABCD version 1.01, which was finalized by a small editorial group consisting of Donald Hobern, Greg Whitbread, Jim Croft, Neil Thomson, Stan Blum, and Walter Berendsohn during a GBIF-sponsored meeting in Singapore Dec. 6-9, 2002. It incorporates the results received from the Request for Comment process initiated in the beginning of November 2002  (Text of the RfC). Some loose ends, especially concerning the Gathering substructure have been picked up and finalized since that time, resulting in version 1.20.  

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