International Working Group on Taxonomic Databases in Plant Sciences

Subgroup on Accession Data, TDWG 7, Canberra

Draft Data Entity List for a Botanical Specimen Data Dictionary, Version 1.0

Last Revision: 1 September 1991; J.H. Beach,

Abbreviations for encoding levels I and II: R = Required, RA = Required if Applicable/Available, O = Optional, RS = Required by system

Field IDEntity NameMnemonicIII
0xxSpecimen Management
001Unique Object IdentifierUNQIDRR
002Accession Number IdentifierACCSID RARA
003Bar Code IdentifierBARCID RARA
004Identifier Code for Herbarium which owns object OHRBCDRR
005Collection/Herbarium owning object (N.B. Object refers to the actual item being catalogued which could be an image of a specimen.) OHRBNARARA
006Name of Department owning object ODEPTOO
007Name of Institution owning object OINSTOO
008Identifier Code for Herbarium which owns specimen SHRBCDRARA
009Name of Collection or HerbariumSHRBNA OO
010Name of Department owning specimen SDEPTOO
011Name of Institution owning specimen SINSTOO
012Image Identifier (negative, fiche photo, binary file name, illustration number, etc.) IMGIDRARA
013OCLC code for CollectionOCLC RARA
014Number of Parts in CollectionCOLPAR ORA
015Number of Individuals on or in Specimen NUMINDORA
016Number of Replicate SpecimensREPLIC OO
017Replicates DestinationREPDEST OO
018Type of Image (film, resolution medium, laserdisk, bit-mapped file, line drawing) IMAGTYRARA
019Type of SpecimenPECTYP RR
020Accession Status of SpecimenACCSTAT OO
021Loan IdentifierLOANID OO
022Loan Sequence NumberLOANSEQ OO
023Loan DestinationLOANDES OO
024Loan DateLOANDAT OO
025Loan Return DateLOANRET OO
026Source of ObjectSOURCE OO
027Related SpecimensRELSPEC ORA
028Location of SpecimenSPECLOC ORA
029Voucher CitationVOCHCIT ORA
030Inventory Number (living collection) INVENNUMORA
031General Specimen Management Note MANNOTEOO
1xx Taxonomic Identification
101Full NameFNAME RARA
102Supra Family GroupSUPGRP RR
103FamilyFAMILYO O
104Familiy CodeFAMCODE OO
106Generic AuthorGENAU ORA
107Generic Taxon NoteGENNOTE OO
108Intergeneric Hybrid IndicatorINTERGEN ORA
109Specific EpithetSPEPITH ORA
110Specific AuthorSPECAU ORA
111Specific Taxon NoteSPNOTE OO
112Aggregate Species IndicatorAGGSP ORA
113Interspecific Hybrid IndicatorINTERSP ORA
114Subspecies EpithetSUBSPEP ORA
115Subspecies AuthoritySUBSPAU ORA
116Variety EpithetVAREPITH ORA
117Variety AuthorVARAU ORA
118FormaFORMO RA
119Forma AuthorFORMAU ORA
120Infraspecific Taxon NoteINFRAN OO
121Cultivar IndicatorCULTIV ORA
122Cultivar NameCULTNAM ORA
123Identifier's NameIDNAM RARA
124Identification DateIDDAT RARA
125Identification NoteIDNOTE OO
127Type Status Note ***TYSTATN OO
128Type Verification NoteTYPEVER RARA
129Basionym Full NameBASINAM ORA
130Basionym GenusBASIGEN ORA
131Basionym EpithetBASIEPI ORA
132Basionym RankBASIRANK ORA
133Basionym AuthorBASIAU ORA
134Basionym Citation SourceBASCITSO ORA
135Basionym Citation DateBASCITDA ORA
136Basionym Citation CollationBASCITCO ORA
137Lectotype AuthorLECTAU ORA
138Lectotype Citation SourceLCTCITSO ORA
139Lectotype Citation DateLCTCITDA ORA
140Lectotype Citation CollationLCTCITCO ORA
141Name specimen is field underFILNAM RARA
2xxSpecimen Source
201Collecting TeamCOLTEAM RARA
202Primary Collector SurnamePRMSUR RARA
203Primary Collector Given Name & Init. PRMINITRARA
204Other CollectorsOTHERCOL RARA
205Collection Number PrefixCNUMPRE RARA
206Collection NumberCNUM RARA
207Collection Number SuffixCNUMSUF RARA
208Collection DateCODATE RARA
209Collection Date DayCDAY RAO
210Collection Date MonthCMON RAO
211Collection Date YearCYR RAO
212Additional Collection DateCDATE2 ORA
213Collection Date NoteCDATENO OO
214Source NoteSRCNOT OO
215Title on LabelTITLAB OO
216Project NamePROJNAM OO
217Expedition NameEXPEDNAM OO
218Sponsor NameSPONSOR OO
219Source of ImageIMAGSRC ORA
220Name of Person who Isolated Cultured Specimen ISOLTRRARA
3xxProvenance of Specimen
301Full Locality as stated on label FULLOCRAO
302New World/Old World IndicatorNEWOLD OO
303Continent (TDWG Standard)CONTIN OO
304ISO Country CodeISOCNCO OO
305ISO Country NameISOCN RARA
306Country on LabelLABLCN RARA
308Botanical Country Name (TDWG)BOTCNAM RR
309Botanical Country CodeBOTCOCO RR
310Basic Recording Unit NameBRUNAM RR
311Basic Recording Unit CodeBRUCO RR
312Geator Political Unit (e.g. district) GRPOLURARA
313Lessor Political Unit (county, parish) LSRPOLURARA
314Locality Name (local Municipalities) LOCNARARA
315Locality Description ("3 km from ...") LOCDEOO
316Special Locality (e.g. parks, mtns.) SPECLOCOO
317Water BodyWATB RARA
318Project Locality KeywordsPRLCKW OO
319Physiographic ProvincePHYSPROV OO
320TownshipTWNSHP RARA
322SectionSECRA RA
323Map or Atlas ReferenceMAPREF OO
324Geographic Coordinate Grid System GRIDSYSRARA
325Geographic Grid ZoneGRIDZON RARA
326X-coordinateCOORDX RARA
327Y-coordinateCOORDY RARA
328X-coordinate AccuracyACCOORX ORA
329Y-coordinate AccuracyCOORY ORA
330NW point X- coordinateWCOORX ORA
331NW point Y-coordinateNWCOORY ORA
332NE point X-coordinateNECOORX ORA
333NE point Y-coordinateNECOORY ORA
334SW point X-coordinateSWCOORX ORA
335SW point Y-coordinateSWCOORY ORA
336SE point X-coordinateSECOORX ORA
337SE point Y-coordinateSECOORY ORA
338SpheroidSPHER ORA
339Source of Grid CoordinatesGRIDSRC ORA
340LongitudeLONG RARA
341LatitudeLATRA RA
342Latitude AccuracyLATACC ORA
343Longitude AccuracyLONGACC ORA
344Longitude NW pointLONGNW ORA
345Latitude NW pointLATNW ORA
346Longitude NE pointLONGNE ORA
347Latitude NE pointLATNE ORA
348Longitude SW pointLONGSW ORA
349Latitude SW pointLATSW ORA
350Longitude SE pointLONGSE ORA
351Latitude SE pointLATSE ORA
352Source of Latitude and Longitude LALOGSRCORA
353ElevationELEV RARA
354Elevation Range Lower BoundaryELEVL RARA
355Elevation Range Higher BoundaryELEVH RARA
356Elevation Units of MeasureELEVU RARA
357Source of ElevationELEVSRC ORA
358Elevation NoteELEVNO OO
360Minimum DepthDEPMIN ORA
361Maximum DepthDEPMAX ORA
362Depth Units of MeasureDEPTHU RARA
363Depth NoteDEPTHNO OO
364General Provenance NotePROVNO OO
4xxEcological Information
401Vegetation TypeVEG ORA
402Plant Association TypePLASSOC ORA
403Habitat TypeHABITAT ORA
404FrequencyFREQ RARA
405Native Status (IWGTDPS Standard) NATSTATRARA
406Introduced Status (")INTRSTAT RARA
407Cultivated Status (")CULTSTAT RARA
408Substrate (including geology)SUBSTR ORA
409Soil TypeSOIL ORA
410General Ecological NoteECONO OO
5xxPlant Description
503Phenology/Reproductive StatePHEN ORA
504Vernacular NameVRNAC ORA
505Language of Vernacular NameVRNACNA ORA
506Economic UsesECONUSE ORA
507General Descriptive NoteDSCRPNO OO
508Country of Vernacular NameVRNACCO ORA
6xxRecord Management
601Record Created DateCREATDT RSRS
602Record Created By (Name)CREATBY RSRS
603Record Created By (Institution)CREATIN RSRS
604Record Updated DateUPDTDT RSRS
605Record Updated By (Name)UPDTEBY RSRS
606Record Updated By (Institution)UPDTEIN RSRS
607Cataloging Source (specimen, photo) CATSRCRR
608Cataloging Technique (OCR, original specimen, label image) CATTECRR
609Language of RecordLANG RR
610Level of Encoding (I, II)ENCODLVL RR
611Record Status (new, corrected annotated, revised) RECSTATRR
612General Record Management NoteRECNOTE OO