Subgroup on Accession Data: Preparing for a Collection Data Standard

Liaison with projects and organizations (inofficial, in most cases)

ASC (Association of Systematics Collections)

Elaine Hoagland, May 15, 1996: The Assoc. of Systematics Collections would like to listen in on your discussion. .... Note that Stan Blum and Allen Allison (Bishop Museum) are talking about an extension of the ASC data model, and ASC supports their effort. Please get in contact with them.

W. Berendsohn, 2 Oct. 1996: This proposal ("An Interdisciplinary Information Model for Biological Collections") was funded and I will participate in a workshop to be held in San Diego in November.

Stuart G. Poss, 15 May 1996: see under ASIH

Gary Rosenberg, 15 May 1996: I am interested in participating in the working group. I was a participant in the 1992 ASC Workshop, the 1996 Species 2000 conference in Manila and will attend the NAPC invertebrate paleontology database workshop next month. I maintain databases of mollusks on Internet, gopher://

ASIH (American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists)

Stuart G. Poss, 15 May 1996: My own interest in seeing that such standards become a reality in the relatively near term are substantial. I serve as chair of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists subcommittee on data standards and am a member of the Association of Systematics Collections Computer Networking Committee. Efforts of both groups are directed toward standardiztion, issues fundamental to exchange of information. Although I should not attempt to speak for either committee at this time, ..... In both groups we are using various modeling methodologies to implement our ideas, in particular Object Role Modeling and Entity Relation Modeling, the former being particularly useful in conceptual design, while the latter is more widely known within the community. I would be interested to learn what approaches do you anticipate using to further discuss specific standardization issues.
Thank you for your initiative. I suspect we will be in further discussion through our respective committees.

BioCISE project

Liaison is maintained by the convener. See for further information.

CDEFD project

The project is essentially concluded and most of its results referring to our subject have been published (see Berendsohn & al. in References).

DNFS (Direktorenkonferenz der Naturwissenschaftlichen Forschungssammlungen Deutschlands), EDP working group

June 19, 1996: The head of the working group, D. Walossek (Ulm) agreed that Liaison is to be maintained by David Lazarus (Berlin).

Euro-Med Plant Base (Project Sisyphus)

Liaison is maintained by the convener. See for further information.


Konstantin Savov, 21 May 1996 I'm a botanist and one of the authors of FLORIN Information System designed to deal with information about plants.
... Here at DataX/FLORIN we have a team of botanists and professional software developers working with FLORIN. We try to implement FLORIN as rather universal information system. So, we had to establish data structure for botanical information, which can be applicable for different tasks. Our basic ideas are often similar to those described in CDEFD. ... I'm very interested in joining the discussion on standards.... You may also find more information about FLORIN Project at
... This year, we've transferred FLORIN project from Yourdon structured method to Object Modelling Technique published by Rumbaugh (both methods are supported at our site by CASE system from former Westmount Technology, B.V.). So, we're going to publish FLORIN data model described in OMT terms (classes, associations, objects, etc.). ...

LASSI (??)

John Edmondson, 17 May 1996:... I am very interested to participate in the TDWG discussion on this subject, particularly from the point of view of wider compatibility. Working in a museum environment which ranges from systematic biology collections to ethnology and archaeology, we are involved in developing 'broad-brush' collections management systems to handle our 1.5 million biological specimens and artefacts. The current system, known as LASSI, was developed by a consortium of ten UK museums ....

Berendsohn, 19 June 1996: Information request sent to S. Keene, who forwarded it to Alice Grant. No response up to date (June.14, 98)

SMASCH project

Tom Duncan, 15 May 1996:I am writing in response to your message about the TDWG Collection Data Standard. As you may know, the SMASCH project has been developing a relational database for botanical collections in California. In addition, the Museum Informatics Project ( has worked on data models for the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. I believe that Berkeley has much to offer in the upcoming TDWG discussion and therefore I am very intersted in participating in the discussions about the TDWG Collection Data Standard.

UCMP data model

Jessica Theodor, 23 June 1996: You already have a link to the UCMP data model on your pages, which is the one I have been working on, and we are in the process of making changes to our model which we will update on the WWW site when we've finished.

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