A comprehensive reference model for biological collections and surveys

[ The BioCISE Model]

Berendsohn, W. G., Anagnostopoulos, A., Hagedorn, G., Jakupovic, J., Nimis, P. L., Valdés, B., Güntsch, A., Pankhurst, R. J. & White, R. J. (1999):  A comprehensive reference model for biological collections and surveys. Taxon 48: 511-562.

© 1999 by IAPT (Europe), on behalf of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy.

Reprinted by kind permission of the Editor of Taxon (T. F. Stuessy).

The text of the electronic version (Adobe portable document format) has not been altered exept for minor orthographical corrections and insertion of hyperlinks. Hyperlinks to other WWW documents are not being updated! For an updated collection of documents and links see the TDWG/BioCISE Reference List of Standards, Information Models, and Data Dictionaries for Biological Collections.

The detailed list of entity types with their attributes and data elements as used in the context of the article continues to be available under http://www.bgbm.org//IAPT/ChecklistModel/entities.htm

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available under http://www.adobe.com/.

Further publications by W. Berendsohn: http://www.bgbm.org/en/staff/prof-dr-walter-g-berendsohn.

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