Fig.  1: Data structure diagram (DSD)




Fig.  2: Entity-relationship (ER) diagram: Relationship and cardinality
Reads: A botanical name has exactly 1 corresponding name rank. Every name rank is assigned to 0 to many botanical names.




Fig.  3: Basic datastructure of botanical information

(for data structure diagrams of geographic distribution and reference citations see Berendsohn, 1994)




Fig.  4: Potential taxa, taxonomic status and classification






Fig.  5: Data structure of scientific names as used in botany

(Note: Nothotaxa may include a "normal" name structure in addition to the hybrid-specific attributes, therefore the "hybrid formula or nothotaxon" condition is non-exclusive)

Fig.  6: Taxonomic reference citation in botany



Fig.  7: Entity-relationship diagram for scientific names in Botany

Fig.  8: Data structure of the referenced status assignment and dependent data






Fig.  9: Entities involved in homonym declarations




Fig.  10: Entity-relationship model of synonyms





Fig.  11: Datastructure of systematic relationships




Fig.  12: Data affected by the "preferred taxon view"





Fig.13: Entity-relationship model of person teams and their role in references, botanical names and taxa




Fig.  14: Data structure of person teams for botanical databases