The museum specializes in the display of botanical exhibits and is the only one of its kind in Central Europe. It is complementary to the botanic garden since models are highlighting morphological details that are not easily visible on living objects. Highly magnified algae and other cryptogams as well as the flowers, fruits, and seeds of higher plants are shown.

On your tour through the palaeontological and phytogeographical section you will find fossil and recent plant formations reconstructed in the form of miniature, artificial landscapes. Some exhibits show the origin of cultivated plants and bring examples of products derived from them, such as oils, spices, fibres and wood. The ephemeral world of fungi is captured by life-size models of mushrooms and toadstools. In the Egyptian section you can admire both relicts and reconstructions of flower garlands and other herbal decorations from the tombs of the Pharaos.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions are organized which focus on special topics related to botany.

The museum is situated at Königin-Luise-Str.6-8. Admission is free. Opening hours...
For your information: This buildung does not only house the Botanical Museum but also the advice service on wild mushrooms, the library, the scientific collections such as the herbarium, laboratories for research and also a part of our staff.

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