Botanisches Museum - Galerieausstellung

Portraits in watercolour and gouache by Lucy T Smith

September 29th through November 20th,

Botanical artist Lucy T Smith, who works for the palms research
group at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, has a strong relation to
the “world of palms”. In 1997-1999, she embarked on a project to
illustrate as many of the native North Queensland palm species
as possible. The work was carried out as part of a Masters
degree project at James Cook University of North Queensland,
Townsville, Australia.
The resulting seventeen portraits of native palms are depicted
in fine detail, using watercolour and gouache, against a
backdrop of the environment and habitat in which they can be
This superb collection of paintings takes the viewer on a
tour not only of the diverse and
beautiful forms
 of the palms of North Queensland, but also on a
journey through the amazing landscapes of this region.
paintings were first shown in Queensland in 1999. Since then,
eight of the pieces were exhibited at the Royal Horticultural
Society botanical art show in 2001, where they were awarded a
gold medal.

Also included in the exhibition are some of the drawings
prepared for other species not painted, as well as an example of
the artist’s recent painting of the newly-discovered and
described Madagascan palm, Tahina spectabilis.

Archontophoenix tuckeri © Lucy T. Smith

Archontophoenix purpurea © Lucy T. Smith