DERMBASE contains information about the nomenclature and taxonomy of the discomycete
family Dermateaceae (Ascomycotina, Leotiales). It is being compiled by Burghard Hein
(Botanic Garden & Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem) in the framework of a revision of
the family. The database is not yet completed and is continuously being updated and
augmented. Currently some 5000 names are included.

DERMBASE is designed to contain all names of or related to the Dermateaceae. The
delimitation of the family follows Systema Ascomycetum Vol. 9 but the database contains
also names of taxa which have been included by earlier authors or have in another way been
linked with the family. Included are also invalid names, such as nomina nuda used
in exsiccata series. Names of imperfect stages are presented in the form as given in the

DERMBASE provides the following data: Name, authors, protologue reference,
nomenclatural status, basionym, corresponding accepted name, synonyms, type citation from
the protologue, morph state and names of alternative morphs.

So far the following sources have been evaluated: Saccardo - Sylloge Fungorum, Petrak's
List, Index of Fungi, Rehm - Discomyceten, Boudier - Hist. Class. Discom. and about 1200
further publications.

Data from new and not previously evaluated publications are continuously being
incorporated in DERMBASE. However, while past efforts have been concentrated on compiling
this database, priority is now given to the taxonomic evaluation. Corrections and
additions are most welcome and will be recognized in the database. The current version
here available is DERMBASE 1.0, created July 1, 1997.