Ziziphus Mill. (Rhamnaceae) in the Caribbean

The genus Ziziphus Mill. (Rhamnaceae) in the Caribbean
A brief overview

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Introduction     Technical Notes     Acknowledgements

The data presented here are extracted from my unpublished diploma thesis on Ziziphus in the Caribbean ("Zur Morphologie und Systematik der Gattung Ziziphus Mill. (Rhamnaceae) in der Karibik", Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, 1996),
prepared under the supervision of Prof. Dr E. Köhler (Humboldt University) and Dr C. Schirarend (Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem; since 1 Oct. 1996: Botanical Garden Hamburg).
The investigations were undertaken in the framework of the Rhamnaceae studies by Dr C. Schirarend for the "Flora de Cuba" and the "Flora of the Greater Antilles" projects.

The study is based on specimens from the herbaria A, B, C, G, GH, GOET, HAJB, HBS, IJ, JE, K, LD, MO, NY, P, S, UPR, UPRRP, US.
Leaves (especially venation), inflorescences and flowers, pollen, fruits and seeds were examined. The thesis contains a key to the Ziziphus species in the Caribbean, descriptions, illustrations, distribution maps of and ecological notes to all species.

On this site you can query the distribution maps and my specimina visa database. In addition, the list of references is provided.

Introduction     Technical Notes     Acknowledgements

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Introduction     Technical Notes     Acknowledgements

Prof. Dr E. Köhler and Dr C. Schirarend are warmly thanked for their help, interesting discussions and constructive criticism.
The Director Prof. Dr W. Greuter kindly allowed me to use the facilities of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem; I also wish to thank all staff members who helped me, especially
Ms J. Ueckert for her skillful technical assistance and advice, and Mr M. Rodewald for the preparation of the drawings.
I am indebted to the Directors and Curators of the herbaria cited for the loan of specimens.

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