Willdenowia 38 – Article38104

Willdenowia – Annals of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem
ISSN 0511-9618
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Efimov, P.: Notes on Epipactis condensata, E. rechingeri and E. purpurata (Orchidaceae) in the Caucasus and Crimea.
Willdenowia 38: 71-80.

The E Mediterranean species Epipactis condensata is reported for the first time from Russia (Krasnodar region) and Ukraine (Crimea). E. rechingeri, so far considered endemic to Mazandaran province in N Iran, is reported from the adjacent Lenkoran region in Azerbaijan. E. purpurata is reported for the first time from Crimea. A distribution map for E. condensata and E. rechingeri is given.

Additional key words
orchids, taxonomy, distribution, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan.

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