Willdenowia 34 – Article34109

Willdenowia – Annals of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem
ISSN 0511-9618
© 2004 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.

Panitsa, M., Bazos, I., Dimopoulos, P., Zervou, S., Yannitsaros, A. & Tzanoudakis, D. 2004: Contribution to the study of the flora and vegetation of the Kithira island group: Offshore islets of Kithira (S Aegean, Greece).
Willdenowia 34: 101-115.

Data on the flora and vegetation of seven offshore islets of Kithira Island (Prasonisi, Megali Dragonera, Antidragonera, Kapelo, Avgo, Megalo Strongilo and Lidia) are presented. 145 vascular plant taxa (species and subspecies) are reported, of which all but three are new records for these islets. The observed vegetation units and habitat types are briefly described and the ecological value and biogeographical importance of the area are identified for conservation purposes and discussed.

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