Willdenowia 29 - reviewers

Reviewers of manuscripts submitted for publication during 1998

The Editorial Council and Editor of "Willdenowia" are most grateful to the reviewers listed below for their willing cooperation. It is greatly appreciated that they have generously invested their time and competence in providing valuable comments and advice, for the benefit of the authors, editorial staff and readers of "Willdenowia".

Aptroot, A., Baarn, Netherlands
Arvidsson, L., Göteborg, Sweden
Authier, P., Paris, France
Badré, F., Paris, France
Baldini, R. M., Firenze, Italy
Banfi, E., Pisa, Italy
Bogner, J., München, Germany
Bothmer, R. v., Lund, Sweden
Boulos, L., Cairo, Egypt
Boyce, P., Kew, U.K.
Brandes, D., Braunschweig, Germany
Edmondson, J., Liverpool, U.K.
Gabrielian, E., Yerevan, Armenia
Grau, J., München, Germany
Häffner, E., Berlin, Germany
Hart, Henk 't, Utrecht, Netherlands
Hawksworth, D. L., London, U.K.
Hernández Macías, H., Mexico City, Mexico
Hügin, G., Denzlingen, Germany
Jahn, R., Berlin, Germany
Kies, L., Hamburg, Germany
Kimnach, M., Azusa, USA
Kress, A., München, Germany
Kukkonen, I., Helsinki, Finland
Mandaville, J. P., Tucson, USA
Mori, S. A., Bronx, New York, USA
Muñoz Garmendia, F., Madrid, Spain
Peterson, P. M., Washington D.C., USA
Phitos, D., Patras, Greece
Plitman, U., Jerusalem, Israel
Raus, Th., Berlin, Germany
Richards, J., Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.
Robinson, H., Washington D.C., USA
Schönfelder, P., Regensburg, Germany
Sérusiaux, E., Liège, Belgium
Sipman, H. J. M., Berlin, Germany
Smith, Ph., Edinburgh, U.K.
Snogerup, S., Lund, Sweden
Toelken, H. R., Adelaide, Australia
Tzanoudakis, D., Patras, Greece
Viegi, L., Pisa, Italy
Vogt, R., Berlin, Germany
Wagenitz, G., Göttingen, Germany