Willdenowia 27 - reviewers

Reviewers of manuscripts submitted for publication during 1996

The Editorial Council and Editor of "Willdenowia" are most grateful to the reviewers listed below for their willing cooperation. It is greatly appreciated that they have generously invested their time and competence in providing valuable comments and advice, for the benefit of the authors, editorial staff and readers of "Willdenowia".

Aparicio, A., Sevilla, Spain
Baum, B. R., Ottawa, Canada
Bogner, J., München, Germany
Bothmer, R. von, Svaløv, Sweden
Bramwell, D., Tafira Alta, Spain
Brückner, C., Berlin, Germany
Cope, Th. A., Kew, U.K.
Cribb, Ph. J., Kew, U.K.
Cristofolini, G., Bologna, Italy
Dunlop, C. R., Palmerstone, Australia
Eggli, U., Zürich, Switzerland
Freitag, H., Kassel, Germany
Fröhner, S., Nossen, Germany
Geissler, P., Chambésy, Switzerland
Halliday, G., Lancester, U.K.
Hensold, N., Chicago, U.S.A.
Hetterscheid, W. L. A., Hilversum, The Netherlands
Kalheber, H., Runkeln, Germany
Kamari, G., Patras, Greece
Tan, K., Copenhagen, Denmark
Köhler, E., Berlin, Germany
Lobin, W., Bonn, Germany
Maassoumi, A. A., Tehran, Iran
Möseler, B. M., Bonn, Germany
Mosyakin, S. L., Kiev, Ukraine
Müller-Gronbach, Th., Berlin, Germany
Ochyra, R., Kraków, Poland
Podlech, D., München, Germany
Raamsdonk, L. W. D. van, Zetten, The Netherlands
Raus, Th., Berlin, Germany
Speta, F., Linz, Austria
Strid, A., Copenhagen, Denmark
Stützel, Th., Bochum, Germany
Thulin, M., Uppsala, Sweden
Uotila, P., Helsinki, Finland
Vogt, R., Berlin, Germany
Weber, H. E., Vechta, Germany