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Algal names and types of the IAPT Registration have been migrated to PhycoBank, the registration system for nomenclatural acts.

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Please do not include name authors. For names, you can use the asterisk (*) in the beginning, middle, and/or at the end as a wild card (e.g. Ab* will find all names starting with Ab, *aa* will find all names containing double a, ab*llum results in Abeliophyllum und Abrophyllum). For other text fields, the starting and ending wild cards are included by default. The input in all text fields must contain at least two letters. If you are looking for new names at infrageneric, specific or infraspecific rank, use the name of the genus plus the asterisk as wild card in the field "Registered name". If you are looking for a standard herbarium abbreviation in the Type field, start with a space (presently, the search is not case sensitive, and it is conducted on the entire type string - you may get more than wanted). Higher taxa are cited on various levels, starting your search with an asterisk is thus recommended. At present, dates must have the form mm/dd/yyyy.

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Max. number of records 10 50 100 32000 (probably all)

How to cite: Information retrieved from the IAPT Registration of Plant Names Database should be cited using the following format:
Greuter, W., Raab Straube, E. & Berendsohn, W. (eds) (1999). IAPT Registration of Plant Names Database [online]. International Association for Plant Taxonomy. [Today's DATE]. Available from <http://www.bgbm.org/registration/QueryForm.htm>.

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