Table of equivalence of nomenclatural terms used in the Draft BioCode and in the current biological Codes (abbreviations explained below; references in text). The concepts covered by terms given as equivalent are not always exactly the same (e.g., nomenclatural superfluity, an obstacle to legitimacy under the ICBN, is unknown under the BC and ICZN).

Publication and date of names
published effectively published effectively published published published
registerable effectively published1 ---- ---- ----
date date date (or priority) date priority
priority priority priority ---- priority
precedence priority priority precedence precedence
earlier senior earlier earlier senior
later junior later later junior
Nomenclatural status
established validly published validly published established available
registration validation registration registration ------
acceptable legitimate legitimate acceptable potentially valid
Taxonomic status
accepted correct correct accepted valid
Types of names
name-bearing type nomenclatural type nomenclatural type name-bearing type name-bearing type
nominal taxon name and type name and type ------ nominal taxon
homotypic objective nomenclatural homotypic objective
heterotypic subjective taxonomic heterotypic subjective
replacement name ------- avowed substitute ------- explicit replacement
Setting aside the rules
conserved conserved conserved conserved conserved
rejected rejected rejected rejected conditionally suppressed
suppressed rejected explicitly rejected ------- suppressed

BC = International code of nomenclature of bacteria (Lapage et al., Washington, 1992)
ICBN = International code of botanical nomenclature (Tokyo Code) (Greuter et al., Regnum Veg. 131. 1994)
ICNCP = International code of nomenclature for cultivated plants - 1995 (Trehane et al., Regnum Veg. 133. 1995)
ICZN = International code of zoological nomenclature (Ride et al., London, 1985)

1Although the Bacteriological Code defines "effectively published" with the meaning of "published" in the BioCode, the term is commonly used to imply "published in a form eligible for registration".

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