Willdenowia 30 (1/2) - contents

Contents Willdenowia 30(2)

Contents Willdenowia 30(1) (issued 7 August 2000) [Abstracts]

Greuter, W. & Vogt, R.: Bericht über den Botanischen Garten und das Botanische Museum Berlin-Dahlem(BGBM)für das Jahr 1999.....5 [Full-text article]

Wagenitz, G. & Hellwig, F. H.: The genus Psephellus Cass. (Compositae, Cardueae) revisited with a broadened concept.....29 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Klackenberg, J.: Secamone brevicoronata and S. pedicellaris (Apocynaceae), two new species from Madagascar.....45 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Hand, R. (ed.): Contributions to the flora of Cyprus I. .....53 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Parolly, G.: Notes on two neglected Turkish Asyneuma taxa (Campanulaceae).....67 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Danin, A., Hedge, I. C. & Lamond, J. M.: Contributions to the flora of Jordan 4. A new species of Pycnocycla (Apiaceae).....77 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Kilian, N. & Miller, A. G.: Studies in the Compositae of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra – 5. Distephanus qazmi (Vernonieae, Gymnantheminae), a remarkable new species from the island of Socotra, Yemen.....83 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Agababian, M. V. & Oganesian, M. E.: Allium sect. Acanthoprason (Alliaceae) in southern Transcaucasia: a survey, with the description of two new species.....93 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Wittig, R., Xie, Y., Raus, Th. & Scholz, H.: Addenda ad Floram Ningxiaensem – Supplement to the flora of the Autonomous Region Ningxia, China.....105 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Beurton, Ch.: The genus Plethadenia (Rutaceae).....115 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Beurton, Ch.: Notes on Zanthoxylum (Rutaceae) from the Antilles.....125 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Rankin Rodríguez, R. & Greuter, W.: Notes on Aristolochia linearifolia and A. stenophylla (Aristolochiaceae), a vicarious species pair from the Greater Antilles (Cuba and Hispaniola).....131 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Panfet Valdés, C. & Ventosa Rodríguez, I.: Wallenia maestrensis (Myrsinaceae), a new species from eastern Cuba.....141 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Leuenberger, B. E.: Confirmation of the authorship of Cereus martinii Labour., basionym of Harrisia martinii (Cactaceae).....147 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Boom, P. P. G. van den & Zedda, L.: Lecania sipmanii, a new epiphytic lichen species from Syria.....155 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Vogt, R. & Schuhwerk, F.: Typus-Material im Hieracium-Herbar von Hans Schack.....161 [Abstract],  [Full-text article]


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Contents Willdenowia 30(2) (issued 8 December 2000) [Abstracts]

Schäfer, H. & Rasbach, H.: Asplenium × rouyi Viane (A. onopteris L. × A. scolopendrium L.) in the Azores (Aspleniaceae, Pteridophyta) ..... 219 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Greuter, W. & Raus, Th. (ed.): Med-Checklist Notulae, 19 ..... 229 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Böhling, N.: Ranunculus veronicae (Ranunculaceae), a new species from W Crete (Greece) ..... 245 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Scholz, H. & Böhling, N.: Phragmites frutescens (Gramineae) re-visited. The discovery of an overlooked, woody grass in Greece, especially Crete ..... 251 [Abstract], [Full-text article], [Electronic supplement: List of  locations and specimens]

Gaisberg, M. von: A revision of Teucrium heterophyllum L'Hér. (Lamiaceae) with two new subspecies of the Canary Islands ..... 263 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Scholz, H.: New Aristida and Stipagrostis taxa (Gramineae) ..... 273 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Gottschlich, G., Coskunçelebi, K. & Beyazoglu, O.: Four new species of Hieracium L. (Compositae) from NE Turkey ..... 279 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Parolly, G. & Hein, P.: Arabis lycia (Cruciferae), a new chasmophyte from the Taurus Mts, Turkey, and notes on related species ..... 293 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Danin, A.: The inclusion of adventive plants in the second edition of Flora Palaestina ..... 305 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Smalla, M.: Studies in the Compositae of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra - 6. The Hypochaeridinae (Lactuceae) in the Arabian Peninsula ..... 315 [Abstract], [Full-text article],  [Electronic supplement: Specimens studied]

Al-Turki, T. A., Filfilan, S. A. & Mehmood, S. F.: A cytological study of flowering plants from Saudi Arabia ..... 339 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Sonboli, A., Assadi, M. & Zehzad, B.: Sterigmostemum laevicaule Bornm., a synonym of Erysimum crassicaule (Boiss.) Boiss. (Cruciferae) ..... 359 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Pimenov, M. G., Kljuykov, E. V., Dickoré, W. B. & Miehe, G.: Four Himalayan Umbelliferae new to the flora of China, with critical notes on Tordyliopsis DC. and Keraymonia Farille ..... 361 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Dressler, S.: A new species of Marcgravia (Marcgraviaceae) from Amazonia with some notes on the Galeatae group including a key ..... 369 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Christensen, S. N.: Lichens from thickets of Buxus, Carpinus and Juniperus on Mt Vourinos, Makedhonia, North Central Greece ..... 375 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Hiepko, P.: Eva Potztal (1924-2000) .....387 [Full-text article]

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