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Willdenowia 29 (1/2) - contents

Contents Willdenowia 29 (1/2) (issued 10 December 1999) Abstracts

Greuter, W. & Vogt, R.: Bericht über den Botanischen Garten und das Botanische Museum Berlin-Dahlem (BGBM) für das Jahr 1998.....5 Full-text article

Häffner, E. & Hellwig, F. H.: Phylogeny of the tribe Cardueae (Compositae) with emphasis on the subtribe Carduinae: an analysis based on ITS sequence data.....27 Abstract, Full-text article, Electronic supplement: Data matrix

Mráz, P. & Marhold, K.: Lectotypification of the name Hieracium rohacsense Kit. (Compositae).....41 Abstract, Full-text article

Scholz, H.: Short notes on Phleum sect. Achnodon (Gramineae).....45 Abstract, Full-text article

Greuter, W. & Raus, Th.: Med-Checklist Notulae, 18.....51 Abstract, Full-text article

Pavlova, D., Dimitrov, D. & Nikolova, M.: Oxytropis kozhuharovii (Fabaceae), a new species from Bulgaria.....69 Abstract, Full-text article

Krigas, N., Lagiou, E., Hanlidou, E. & Kokkini, S.: The vascular flora of the Byzantine Walls of Thessaloniki (N Greece).....77 Abstract, Full-text article

Bañares Baudet, Á.: Notes on the taxonomy of Aeonium urbicum and A. appendiculatum sp. nova (Crassulaceae).....95 Abstract, Full-text article

Gomes, I., Leyens, T., Luz, B. da, Costa, J. & Gonçalves, F.: New data on the distribution and conservation status of some angiosperms of the Cape Verde Islands, W Africa.....105 Abstract, Full-text article

Kilian, N.: Pulicaria gabrielii and Iphionopsis oblanceolata (Compositae, Inuleae), two new species from NE Somalia.....115 Abstract, Full-text article

Freitag, H., Vural, M. & Adigüzel, N.: A remarkable new Salsola and some new records of Chenopodiaceae from Central Anatolia, Turkey.....123 Abstract, Full-text article

Valant-Vetschera, K. M.: On the identity of five species of Achillea sect. Millefolium subsect. Filipendulinae (Compositae, Anthemideae).....141 Abstract, Full-text article

Danin, A.: Contributions to the flora of Jordan 3. A new species of Artemisia (Compositae, Anthemideae) from S Jordan.....147 Abstract, Full-text article

Al-Khayat, A. H.: A new record of the rare Notholirion koeiei Rech.f. (Liliaceae) from NE Iraq.....155 Abstract, Full-text article

Böer, B. & Chaudhary, S. A.: New records for the flora of the United Arab Emirates.....159 Abstract, Full-text article

Kilian, N.: Studies in the Compositae of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra – 1. Pulicaria gamal-eldinae sp. nova (Inuleae) bridges the gap between Pulicaria and former Sclerostephane (now P. sect. Sclerostephane).....167 Abstract, Full-text article

Kilian, N. & Hein, P.: Studies in the Compositae of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra – 2. Pulicaria samhanensis sp. nova (Inuleae) from Dhofar and notes on other S Arabian species of the genus.....187 Abstract, Full-text article

King-Jones, S. & Kilian, N.: Studies in the Compositae of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra – 3. Pluchea aromatica from Socotra is actually a species of Pulicaria (Inuleae).....197 Abstract, Full-text article

King-Jones, S.: Studies in the Compositae of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra – 4. The Arabian species of Pluchea (Compositae, Plucheeae).....203 Abstract, Full-text article

Maassoumi, A. A., Ghahreman, A., Ghahremani-nejad, F. & Matin, F.: Astragalus gigantirostratus (Fabaceae), a remarkable new species from N Iran and supplementary notes on A. sect. Cytisodes Bunge.....221 Abstract, Full-text article

Zizka, G. & Schneider, J. V.: The genus Touroulia Aubl. (Quiinaceae).....227 Abstract, Full-text article, Electronic supplement: Specimens seen

Sancho, G.: Gochnatia calophylla – a synonym of Gochnatia oligocephala (Gardner) Cabrera (Asteraceae, Mutisieae).....235 Abstract, Full-text article

Sipman, H. & Raus, Th.: A lichenological comparison of the Paros and Santorini island groups (Aegean, Greece), with annotated checklist.....239 Abstract, Full-text article

Lücking, R.: Foliicolous lichens and their lichenicolous fungi from Ecuador, with a comparison of lowland and montane rain forest.....299 Abstract, Full-text article

Vogt, R.: Hans Schack (1878-1946) und sein Berliner Hieracium-Herbar.....337 Abstract, Full-text article


Index to new names and combinations appearing in Willdenowia 29.....371

Reviewers of manuscripts submitted for publication during 1998.....372