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Willdenowia 30 - Electronic supplement


Phragmites frutescens (Gramineae) re-visited. The discovery of an overlooked, woody grass in Greece, especially Crete

Electronic supplement to:
Scholz, H. & Böhling, N.: Phragmites frutescens (Gramineae) re-visited. The discovery of an overlooked, woody grass in Greece, especially Crete. – Willdenowia 30: 251-261. 2000. – ISSN 0511-9618.

List of locations and specimens (supplementary to Scholz 1996: 522)

Nomos Hanion: Eparchia Apokoronou: Asprouliani, 35°21’’N, 24°17’’E, 1-3 m above s.l., small remnant of marshy coastal depression (filled up nearly completely with soil and waste), 16.04.1999, Böhling 7747; 04.08.1998, Böhling 8694, 8695, 8696 (B); Asprouliani, 35°21’’N, 24°17’’E, 5 m above s.l., coastal, grassy fallow field (relevés 210), 16.04.1999, Böhling 7746 (B); Dramia, 35°21’’N, 24°18’’E, 5 m above s.l., ditches and road margins near the coast, together with Phragmites australis and Arundo donax, 25.10.1998, Böhling & Greuter 6971 (B); Georgioupolis, 35°22’’N, 24°15’’E, 0-5 m above s.l., coastal sandy loams near to ground water, 09.11.1998, Böhling & Scholz 9211 (B); Neos Kournas (- Kavros, W Dramia), 35°21’’N, 24°18’’E, ca. 5-10 m above s.l., remnant of a marsh not far away from the coast (relevés 350), 09.11.1998, Böhling & Scholz 9209; 03.03.1999, Böhling 9544, 03.01.2000, Böhling 10635 (B). — Eparchia Kissamou: Kolimbari, 35°32’’N, 23°46’’E, 50 m above s.l., rivulet banks, between terrace fields, 01.03.1999, Böhling 9535a, 03.01.2000, Böhling 10636 (B); Nopigia, 35°30’’N, 23°42’’E, 2-5 m above s.l., reed remnant between fields on loamy coastal sands, 10.11.1998, Böhling & Scholz 9249 (B). — Eparchia Kydonias: Gerani (- Platanias), 35°31’’N, 23°53’’E, ca. 5 m above s.l., small reed remnant on loamy coastal sands at the entry to a concrete factory, 10.11.1998 and 26.02.1999, Böhling & Scholz 9246, 9246a, Böhling 9486 (B); Gerani (- Platanias), 35°31’09’’N, 23°53’28’’E, 1-2 m above s.l., on sandy loam of a fallow vegetable field along the Xekolimenos river, 03.01.2000, Böhling 10636 (B); Pirgos Psilonero (- Maleme), 35°31’14’’N, 23°51’26’’E, 5-10 m above s.l., wetland, 03.01.2000, obs. Böhling.

Nomos Irakliou: Eparchia Kainourgiou: S Mires, 35°02’’N, 24°53’’E, ca. 70 m above s.l., ruderal between road and fields on alluvial deposits of the Jeropotamos river, 18.03.1998, Böhling 7117 (B). — Eparchia Maleviziou: SW Gazi, 35°19’’N, 25°04’’E, ca. 20 m above s.l., near to the coast on silty alluvial deposits of the Gazanos river, 11.11.1998, Böhling & Scholz obs.; 29.12.1999, Böhling 10600 (B), only one flowering culm in a dense, c. 3-3.5 m tall stand of c. 500 m² regenerating from covering with soil for land development purposes!. — Eparchia Monofatsiou: Between Protoria and Harakas, 35°02’’N, 25°08’’E, ca. 240 m above s.l., grassy, sandy road bank between arable lands of Messara plain, 11.05.1998, Böhling 8274 (B). — Eparchia Pyrgiotissis: Festos, 35°03’’N, 24°49’’E, ca. 40 m above s.l., margin of olive yard and in ditches, on alluvial deposits of the Jeropotamos river, 11.11.1998, Böhling & Scholz 9258 (B); Kalamaki, 35°03’36’’N, 24°46’04’’E, c. 5 m above s.l., banks of Jeropotamos river not far away from the coast, together with Arundo donax and A. pliniana, 03.11.1999, obs. Böhling & Raus, Leghalm; Kalamaki, 35°03’31’’N, 24°45’45’’E, along a small track road on alluvial deposits of Jeropotamos, Leghalm, 03.11.1999, Böhling & Raus 10537 (B). — Eparchia Temenous: ournes, 35°17’58’’N, 25°05’17’’E, 50 m above s.l., on loamy rivulet deposits, invading a vineyard, 05.11.1999, obs. Böhling.

Nomos Rethymnis: Eparchia Rethymnis: Episkopi, 35°21’’N, 24°20’’E, 0-2 m above s.l., sandy rivulet mouth, 11.11.1998, Böhling & Scholz 9254 (B), Leghalm. — Eparchia Ag. Vasiliou: Kerames, Ag. Fotini, 35°08’46’’N, 24°30’52’’E, 10 m above s.l., in summer burned down reed with Arundo donax near to a small Myrtus-Nerium-Platanus-wood, 29.12.1999, Böhling 10606 (B); Saktouria, Akoumianos river, 35°06’42’’N, 24°33’26’’E, 0-1 m above s.l., at the river mouth in a zone between Arundo donax-stands and a Typha domingensis-Juncus heldreichianus-belt, 05.01.2000, obs. Böhling.

Nomos Dodekanisou: Eparchia Rodou: Kato Kalamonas, 36°23’’N, 28°03’’E, ca. 5 m above s.l., between road side and field at a fence, on coastal alluvial clayey deposits, 19.02.1999, Böhling 9448 (B); Theologos, 36°22’’N, 28°01’’E, ca. 5 m above s.l., ruderal on coastal clayey alluvial deposits, 19.02.1999, Böhling obs.

Nomos Ilias, Eparchia Ilias: S Andravida, on alluvial deposits of the Pinios river, 18.11.1998, Böhling obs.Eparchia Olympias: Anemohori (between Zaharo and Pirgos), with young inflorescences, 18.11.1998, Böhling obs.; Epitalio (SE Pirgos), Alfios estuary, 18.11.1998, Böhling obs.; between Kiparissia and Zaharo, Neda estuary, 18.11.1998, Böhling obs.

Nomos Lakedaimonos: Eparchia Epidavrou Limiras: Elos (SE Skala), marsh with Atriplex halimus on coastal deposits of the Evrotas river, 17.11.1998, Böhling 9321 (B).

Nomos Messinias: Eparchia Kalamon: Kalamata, Asprohoma, reed with Phragmites australis and Arundo donax S railroad track, alluvial deposits of the Pamisos river, 17.11.1998, Böhling 9323 (B).

Sterea Hellas:
Nomos Aitolias/Akarnanias: Eparchia Mesolongiou: N Mesolongion, ruderal on marshy ground, 15.02.1999, Böhling obs.

Nomos Kikladon: Eparchia Naxou: W Tripodes, Plaka beach, 37°02’50’’ N / 25°22’29’’ E, moist coastal sands, 14.10.1992, Böhling 1968 (B, herb. Böhling)

NE Greece:
Nomos Thessalonikis: Eparchia Halkidikis: Sithonia peninsula, N Neos Marmaras, ruderal on road bank in alluvial plain, c. 10 m above s.l., 20.09.1999, Böhling 11103 (B); Sithonia peninsula, N Neos Marmaras, producing a up to 4 m tall reed on sandy, humic, alluvial plain near the coast, together with Pulicaria dysenterica, Cirsium creticum, Aster squamatus, 0-2 m above s.l., 20.09.1999, Böhling 11104 (B). Also near Porto Kufo, Sarti and Vourvourou, 0-5 m above s.l., Böhling obs.; Vatopedi (Jerakini), coastal plain, c. 5 m above s.l., 21.09.1999, Böhling obs.