The World in a Garden

Discover with us one of the most beautiful botanic gardens in the world. Roam through woods and meadows, stroll in just a few minutes from the Alps to the Caucasus, let Far Eastern plants enchant you and feel the tropical rainforest with all your senses.

Plunge into this green oasis and take off on a trip far away from the hustle and bustle of the city – many say that time will run slower here… Marvel at extraordinary plants and be fascinated by three centuries of passionate collecting by the most eminent botanists.

Opening hours and entrance fees

Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin
Freie Universität Berlin
Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8
14195 Berlin

phone +49 (0)30 838-50100
fax +49 (0)30 838-45 85 74

Opening hours:
see attached table

Tickets & prices:
Botanic Garden: 6,00 €/3,00 € (red.)

Food & drink:
Restaurants in the Garden are open.