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[Cryptothecia rubrocincta]

Cryptothecia candida (Krempelh.) R. Sant.
Singapore, 2000, leg. H. Sipman 46197.
In the genus Cryptothecia the asci are not embedded in ascocarps with strongly diferenciated structure, but are spread in the thallus or concentrated in slightly swollen, algae-free parts. Example C. candida, a common species on leaves or twigs in the forest understorey. [Picture heigth = 8 mm]

[Cryptothecia rubrocincta]

Cryptothecia rubrocincta (Ehrenb.) Thor
Brazil, picture kindly provided by Adriano Spielmann.
A widespread forest epiphyte in the mountains, mainly in clearings. It is conspicuous by the red-coloured medulla, which is visible at the margin and in places where the surface is damaged by the falling off of isidia. The species has never been found with ascocarps, and its affinity to the genus is uncertain. [Scale in cm.]

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