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[Dictyonema glabratum]

Dictyonema glabratum (Spreng.) D. Hawksw.
Ecuador, 2001, in dry state, photo H. Sipman.
One of the very few lichenized basidiomycetes which occur in the tropics, it is a common and conspicuous lichen in the mountains. It is most easily observed on road banks around 3000 m elevation, on nutrient-poor soil with scarce vegetation. Its primary habitat is probably on mossy canopy branches.

[Dictyonema zahlbruckneri]

Dictyonema zahlbruckneri (Schiffn.) V. Marcano
Ecuador, 2001, in wet state, photo H. Sipman.
Rather similar to the much more common D. glabratum, of a dark-green colour when wet and growing in more humid conditions.

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