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[Thelotrema lepadinum]

Thelotrema lepadinum Ach.
High elevation forest near Mt. Wilhelm, Papua New Guinea, leg. H. Sipman 35923 (B).
Growing on tree bark in mossy montane forest. A very widespread species, which occurs throughout the tropics and in humid temperate areas of both hemispheres.
The ascomata are immersed in thallus warts; these form thalline margins, which are separated from the proper exciple of the ascoma, causing the presence of a double, inner and outer margin.
[picture heigth = 5 mm]

[Thelotrema leprieurii]

Thelotrema leprieurii (Mont.) Hale
Madang province, Papua New Guinea, leg. H. Sipman 35982 (B).
Growing on tree bark in lowland forest; pantropical.
The ascomata are exposed because the thallus breaks into more or less recurved slips.
[picture heigth = 5 mm]

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