Nationale und internationale Kooperationen

Activities of BGBM staff in national and international organizations

This provisional inventory is based on the data provided by the permanent staff members on their personal pages. Activities of associated staff are but incompletely covered. Here excluded are the offices held in the field of botanical nomenclature and bionomenclature.

International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT):

  • Council member [W. Greuter]
  • Committee on Electronic Publishing and Databasing, member [W. Berendsohn]

Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik (GfBS):

  • President [R. Jahn]

Organization for the Phyto-Taxonomic Investigation of the Mediterranean Area (OPTIMA):

  • President [W. Greuter]
  • Commission for Information Transfer and Networking, Secretary [W. Berendsohn]
  • Publications Commission, Member [W. Greuter]
  • Herbarium Mediterraneum Commission, Member [W. Greuter]
  • Commission for Karyosystematics and Molecular Systematics, member [C. Oberprieler]
  • Commission for Floristic Investigation, Member [T. Raus]
  • Commission for the Conservation of Plant Resources, Member [R. Vogt]


  • CODATA (ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology) Working Group on Biological Collection Data Access, chair [W. Berendsohn]; Task Group, Global Species Data Network, member [W. Berendsohn]
  • GBIF Governing Board, German delegate [W. Berendsohn]
  • TDWG (IUBS Commission for Taxonomic Databases), Treasurer, Subgroup for Accession Data, member [W. Berendsohn]
  • Committee for Mapping the Flora of Europe, Adviser [W. Greuter]
  • DNFS (Direktorenkonferenz der Naturhistorischen Forschungssammlungen Deutschlands), Steering Committee [W. Greuter, W. Berendsohn]
  • Missouri Botanical Garden, Honorary Trustee [W. Greuter]
  • Wilhelm-Pfeffer-Stiftung der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft e.V., Member of Council [W. Greuter]
  • Direktorenkonferenz Naturwissenschaftlicher Forschungssammlungen Deutschlands, Steering Committee [W. Greuter]
  • Fördererkreis der naturwissenschaftlichen Museen Berlins e.V., Manager [B. Mori]; board member [W. Greuter]
  • International Association for Pteridology, Council [B. Zimmer]
  • International Foundation "Pro Herbario Mediterraneo", Vice president, president of Scientific Committee [W. Greuter]
  • IOSEB (International Organization for Systematic and Evolutionary Biology), President [W. Greuter]
  • IOPI (International Organization for Plant Information): Information System Committee, Convenor, Council, Checklist Executive Committee, and Species Plantarum Project Steering Committee [W. Berendsohn]; Council [W. Greuter]
  • IUBS/CODATA Project "Species 2000", Advisory Committee [W. Greuter]
  • Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft, section Phycology, Vorstand [R.Jahn]
  • Pueckler Gesellschaft, Berlin, Advisory Board [H. W. Lack]
  • Sisyphus, Euro-Mediterranean Initiative in Plant Systematics, Euro+Med PlantBase, Steering Committee, Senior Adviser; Editorial Committee, Member [W. Greuter]
  • Gemeinsamer Museumsbeirat der Staatlichen Museen für Naturkunde Karlsruhe und Stuttgart, member [T. Raus]
  • Verein der Freunde des Botanischen Gartens und Botanischen Museums Berlin-Dahlem, Council [W. Greuter]; Vice-President [B. Zimmer]