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Englera 17


Kilian, N.: Revision of Launaea Cass. (Compositae, Lactuceae, Sonchinae). – Englera 17: 1-478. 1997. – ISBN 3-921800-41-2.
The first taxonomic revision of the entire genus Launaea, which is chiefly distributed in Africa and SW Asia, is provided. 54 species with 10 subspecies, grouped in eight sections, are recognized. Three sections, i.e. L. sect. Castanospermae, Cervicornes, and Cornutae, seven species, i.e. L. almahrahensis, L. amal-aminae, L. angolensis, L. lackii, L. omanensis, L. quettaensis, and L. socotrana, as well as one subspecies, L. fragilis subsp. asirensis, are described as new to science, and the combinations L. acanthodes subsp. tomentella, L. cabrae, L. cabrae subsp. nanella, L. petitiana, L. polydichotoma, and L. pseudoabyssinica are formed as names new to science. General parts deal with the history, distribution, taxonomic position and delimitation of the genus, as well as with its morphology (including pericarp anatomy). Illustrations, keys to all taxa recognized, full synonymies, references to further illustrations, descriptions, chromosome numbers, data on the ecogeography including geographical distribution maps, lists of the specimens studied, and data on the use of the species are provided. The chromosome numbers of L. benadirensis (2n = 16) and L. petitiana (2n = 18, 36, 54) are reported for the first time, the latter being the first report of a hexaploid cytotype for the genus. A new chromosome number for L. cornuta (2n = 10) is reported, prolonging the series of consecutive basic numbers known in the genus from x = 9 down to x = 5. Indexes to the scientific names referring to the genus, to the geographical distribution of the species, and to the revised collections are provided.



The adjectival epithet commemorating Cassini has consistently been misspelled as "cassiana" and has to be corrected
in the combination Launaea mucronata subsp. cassiniana and all corresponding combinations based on Sonchus cassinianus Jaub. & Spach.

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