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Englera 23


King-Jones (née Hunger), S.: Revision of Pluchea Cass. (Compositae, Plucheeae) in the Old World. – Englera 23: 1-136. 2001.

The genus Pluchea (Compositae, Plucheeae) comprises 45 species distributed world wide in tropical and subtropical regions. This revision is focused on the species in the Old World and covers aspects of their taxonomic history, morphology, distribution, habitats, uses and infrageneric relationships. In addition, the delimitation of related genera is discussed. On the basis of detailed morphological studies all species are fully described. Illustrations, achene cross sections, chromosome numbers, distribution maps and a key to all investigated species are presented. 29 species are accepted, which are distributed in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia and Australia. For one of the species excluded from the genus the new combination Blumea hirsuta is validated. Two other species, P. incisa from the Philippines and P. polygonata from Indochina hold an uncertain taxonomic position and are probably also to be excluded from the genus. Phylogenetic relationships in the genus were analysed using morphological data. The data matrix comprises 28 ingroup taxa and 28 characters. A cladistic analysis was conducted using the computer program PAUP. Characters were polarized using the method of outgroup comparison. The results support five tentative species groups within the genus.

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