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Englera 28 - Contents

Kilian, N. & Hubaishan, M. A. (ed.)

Biodiversity of Socotra: forests, woodlands and bryophytes 



Preface by I. A. Muharram  ....  6

Introduction by N. Kilian & M. A. Hubaishan    .....   7

Addresses of the authors  .....   9

Kürschner, H., Hein, P., Kilian, N. & Hubaishan, M. A.: Diversity and zonation of the forests and woodlands of the mountains of northern Socotra, Yemen ..... 11

Kilian, N. & Hein, P.: New and noteworthy records for the vascular plant flora of Socotra Island, Yemen ..... 57

Kürschner, H., Kilian, N., Hein, P. & Mukram, A.: The Adenio obesi-Sterculietum africanae, a relic Arabian mainland community vicarious to the Socotran Adenium-Sterculia woodland .....  79

Kürschner, H.: A bryophyte flora of Socotra Island, Yemen .....  97

Kürschner, H.: Syntaxonomy, synecology and life strategies of a saxicolous bryophyte community of Socotra Island, Yemen .....  163

Index to new names of taxa and syntaxa appearing in this volume ..... 175



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