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Willdenowia 34 – Article34209

Willdenowia – Annals of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem
ISSN 0511-9618
© 2004 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.

Wörz, A. & Duman, H. 2004: Eryngium trisectum (Apiaceae, Saniculoideae), a new species from Turkey. Willdenowia 34: 421-425.

During the fieldwork for a monograph of the genus Eryngium, a new species was found. It is described as E. trisectum and illustrated. Only one locality, a serpentine habitat in the Central Taurus region of Turkey, is known thus far. The new species belongs to E. sect. Palmito and is closest related to the calcicolous E. palmito. For this section, a key to its now five species and a table of the most important features are presented.

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