Teresa Ortuño Limarino

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+49 30 838-4 50214
Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem
Freie Universität Berlin
Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8
Curriculum vitae 
  • 1999-until present, Researcher in the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) La Paz, Bolivia, associated to the National Herbarium of Bolivia (LPB).
  • 2008 Master of Science with the thesis “Modern pollen rain, vegetation and climate in the Bolivian ecoregions”, University of Montpellier, France.
  • 2007-2008  Studies for the Master of Science and Technology,  Expertise: Functional Ecology and Development sustanaible. University of Montpellier – France.  
  • 2000 Licenciatura  in  Biology  with  the  Thesis  “Palynological Study in an altitudinal gradient in the Zongo Valley, La Paz, Bolivia" (UMSA, La Paz).
  • 1990-1997 Study Biology. Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia.


Work Experience

  • 1999-2000 Professor of Biology at the Educational Center "UTASAWA", La Paz.
  • 1998 Professor of Biology at the project to develop curricula for middle of the educational  reform.  Multiservice Educational Center (CEMS), La Paz.
  • 1994 assistant professor of sciences in the SOS village Mallasa, La Paz.

Contact details for Bolivia

Address: Wilacota Nº 780
Phone : 591- 02- 2778075
Fax: 591-02-2770962
Postal Address: 10077 correo central La Paz - Bolivia.

Research interests 

Systematic of Gomphrena, Palynology, vegetation of the dry valley and high mountain of Bolivia.

Research projects 

Systematics and Diversity of Amaranthaceae in Bolivia.

Current involvement in collaborative projects 

Flora of Bolivia