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Central European Diatom Meeting

Proceedings of the 1st Central European Diatom Meeting

Berlin-Dahlem, 23–25 March 2007
Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Freie Universität Berlin


Kusber, W.-H. & Jahn, R. (ed.): Proceedings of the 1st Central European Diatom Meeting 2007
Berlin-Dahlem, 23–25 March 2007

ISBN 978-3-921800-63-8

Published by the
Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem
Freie Universität Berlin
(print edition issued on 11 December 2007)

Imprint (page 2)


Preface (pages 3-4)

Beltrami, M. E., Cappelletti, C. & Ciutti, F.: A first characterization of diatom communities from Trentino streams (Northern Italy)
pages 7-10
Full text PDF (171 KB)

Brinkmann, N., Behnke, A., Bruns, S., Mohr., K, Jahn, R. & Friedl, T.: Assessing the diversity of pennate benthic diatoms in calcifying biofilms of hard water creeks
pages 11-14
Full text PDF (1154 KB)

Buck, J., Hübener, T. & Dreßler, M.: Shoreline displacement and salinity changes: The development of two shallow freshwater lakes at the Karelian White Sea coast (Northwest Russia) as reflected in sedimentary diatoms
pages 15-18
Full text PDF (668 KB)

Buczkó, K.: The morphological variability of Kobayasiella parasubtilissima and K. micropunctata in the Carpathian basin
pages 19-23
Full text PDF (788 KB)

Cocquyt, C., Taylor, J., Kusber, W.-H., Archibald, C., Harding, W. & Jahn, R.: Digitizing African Surirellaceae: a pilot study
pages 25-30
Full text PDF (1058 KB)

Cocquyt, C. & Van de Vijver, B.: La Calera: Diatom composition of a Peruvian hot spring in the Colca canyon
pages 31-33
Full text PDF (1512 KB)

Cremer, H. & Van de Vijver, B.: Pliocaenicus costatus: an emended species description
pages 35-38
Full text PDF (346 KB)

Fránková-Kozáková, M., Marvan, P. & Geriš, R.: Halophilous diatoms in Czech running waters: Pleurosira laevis and Bacillaria paxillifera
pages 39-44
Full text PDF (616 KB)

Güntsch, A., Kusber, W.-H., Döring, M., Ciardelli, P. & Berendsohn, W. G.: Common access to distributed biodiversity information
pages 45-48
Full text PDF (296 KB)

Hofmann, G.: Umsetzung der EU-Wasserrahmenrichtlinie in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Zum Nutzen historischer Diatomeenproben für die Rekonstruktion von Referenzgesellschaften in deutschen Flüssen am Beispiel des Rheins
pages 49-54
Full text PDF (486 KB)

Houk, V.: Aulacoseira hibschii (Reichelt) Houk from its type locality and other diatomite localities in North Bohemia (Czech Republic and Germany)
pages 55-58
Full text PDF (325 KB)

Huber, K., Klee, R. & Schmidt, R.: Distribution and morphological variability of Cyclotella-taxa in the late glacial of Längsee (Austria)
pages 59-62
Full text PDF (168 KB)

Jahn, R., Zetzsche, H., Reinhardt, R. & Gemeinholzer, B.: Diatoms and DNA barcoding: a pilot study on an environmental sample
pages 63-68
Full text PDF (124 KB)

Kaczmarska, I., Reid, C. & Moniz, M.: Diatom taxonomy: morphology, molecules and barcodes…
pages 69-72
Full text PDF (68 KB)

Kapetanović, T. & Hafner, D.: Diatoms of wet habitats in the subalpine belt of Mt. Vranica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
pages 73-78
Full text PDF (397 KB)

Kirchhoff, A., Hahn, A., Holetschek, J., Kelbert, P., Jahn, R. & Berendsohn, W. G.: Open Access to Biodiversity Collection Data – GBIF Germany and the Botanical Node
pages 79-82
Full text PDF (848 KB)

Knie, M. & Hübener, T.: Morphological variability of the Cyclotella ocellata-krammeri-rossii complex in field samples and cultures
pages 83-86
Full text PDF (584 KB)

Kroth, P. G.: Molecular tools to explore the biology of diatoms
pages 87-92
Full text PDF (1081 KB)

Krüger, W.: Die Kieselalgengesellschaft in der Pfrimm: Erste Untersuchungsergebnisse
pages 93-96
Full text PDF (61 KB)

Kusber, W.-H. & Jahn, R.: AlgaTerra Information System: Types data and data types
pages 97-100
Full text PDF (87 KB)

Kusber, W.-H. & Jahn, R.: Johannes Gerloff (1915-2000): A pioneer in using the Transmission Electron Microscope in diatom research, co-founder of Nova Hedwigia and Algae Curator at the BGBM Berlin-Dahlem
pages 101-105
Full text PDF (232 KB)

Lange-Bertalot, H.: Kosmopoliten versus Endemiten: Biogeographische Implikationen steigender Taxazahlen
pages 107-112
Full text PDF (1158KB)

Lyakh, A.: A new method for accurate estimation of diatom biovolume and surface area
pages 113-116
Full text PDF (74 KB)

Mischke, U.: Distribution of pelagic Centrales and their value to index trophic status in German rivers: Dominant, but not relevant?
pages 117-120
Full text PDF (142 KB)

Ognjanova-Rumenova, N. & Krstič, N.: Neogene diatom assemblages from lacustrine sediments of Serbia and their distribution in the correlative formations in South-West Bulgaria and Republic of Macedonia
pages 121-124
Full text PDF (124 KB)

Park, J., Ohtsuka, T. & Koh, C.-H.: Taxonomic notes on two marine benthic diatoms in Korean tidal flats: Climaconeis sp. and Petrodictyon voigtii (Skvortsov) J. Park & C.H. Koh, comb. nov.
pages 125-128
Full text PDF (662 KB)

Picińska-Fałtynowicz, J.: Ecological status of the River Nysa Łużycka (Lausitzer Neisse) assessed by epilithic diatoms
pages 129-134
Full text PDF (265 KB)

Reid, G. & Williams, D. M.: Some commentary on molecules and morphology, species and higher taxa in diatoms, with a note on the relationships of the genus Cistula Cleve
pages 135-138
Full text PDF (450 KB)

Schilling, P.: Quality Assurance of the German Marine Monitoring Programme: The Quality Assurance Panel and inter-laboratory comparison on phytoplankton
pages 139-144
Full text PDF (345 KB)

Schreck, M., Abarca, N. & Schröder, H.: Holocene sediments in the Cancosa Basin (Northern Chile): – First results of diatom analyses
pages 145-149
Full text PDF (619 KB)

Skibbe, O., Nitsch, G. & Skiebe-Corrette, P.: Hands-on diatoms for children: The “Schülerlabor NatLab”
pages 151-154
Full text PDF (210 KB)

Stachura-Suchoples, K. & Khursevich, G.: On the genus Pliocaenicus Round & Håkansson (Bacillariophyceae) from the Northern Hemisphere
pages 155-158
Full text PDF (99 KB)

Täuscher, L.: Studies on diatoms of inland waters and of the southern Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Germany) since the middle of the last century
pages 159-162
Full text PDF (35 KB)

Taxböck, L. & Preisig, H. R.: The diatom communities in Swiss springs: A first approach
pages 163-168
Full text PDF (199 KB)

Ulanova, A. & Snoeijs, P.: Gradient responses of epilithic diatom communities along the Swedish coast of the Baltic Sea
pages 169-172
Full text PDF (322 KB)

Werner, P. & Dreßler, M.: Assessment of the ecological status of eight lakes from northern Germany according to the Water Framework Directive (WFD) using benthic diatoms: problems and achievements of the newest German WFD guideline
pages 173-178
Full text PDF (242 KB)

Index of new diatom names and combinations (page 179)