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Botanische Lehrbücher & Kursmaterialien

Internet-Ressourcen zur Botanik: Taxonomie, Systematik, Pflanzengeographie /
Internet Resources Botany: Taxonomy, Systematics, Plant Geography

1. Botanisch relevante Webportale
2. Datenbanken zu Pflanzennamen
Andere Datenbanken und weitere Ressourcen zur Taxonomie und Systematik
Botanische Fachwörterbücher, Glossare, etc.
Botanische Lehrbücher & Kursmaterialien
Literatur-Recherche online – Spezielle botanische Bibliographien und Literatur-Datenbanken
7. Literatur-Recherche online – Allgemeine botanische und allgemeine Kataloge


Botanische Lehrbücher & Kursmaterialien

  • Botanik online, ein virtuelles Lehrbuch auf der Web-Site des FB Biologie der Uni Hamburg basierend auf Peter von Sengbusch "Botanik".

  • Land Plants Online (Dan Nickrent and Karen Renzaglia, Dep. Plant Biology, Southern Illinois University) – "Our goal for LPO is to bring together, from a variety of disciplines, the available information on evolutionary relationships in land plants including their most likely outgroup, charophycean algae."

  • Photosynthesis and the Web (Larry Orr, Arizona State University, and Govindjee, University of Illinois), "will present relevant information on photosynthesis-related web sites grouped into several categories: 1) large group sites, 2) comprehensive overview sites, 3) specific subject sites, 4) individual researcher sites, 5) kindergarten (K)-12 educational sites, 6) books and journals, and, 7) other useful sites".

  • Digital Flowers©, courseware for plant systematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champain.

  • Plants-In-Motion (Roger P. Hangarter, Indiana University) – "Time-lapse photography allows us to easily see the movements of plants and clearly demonstrates that plants are living organisms capable of some extraordinary things. ... This site is intended to serve as a resource for nonprofit educational use."

  • Botanical Nomenclature, Types & Standard Reference Works, a tutorial by Dan Nicolson, Smithsonian Institution.