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lichens, Zschackia

ZSCHACKIA, a series of lichenological web-publications:

  1. Survey of LICHEN DETERMINATION KEYS available on INTERNET (Regularly updated.)
  2. CATALOG OF LICHENS IN ROMANIA by Dr. Maria Ciurchea; (Posted February 2004.)
  3. Provisional determination keys for the GRAPHIDALES OF COSTA RICA by H. Sipman
    (last update 21 July 2005. Under construction.)
  4. Key to the lichen genera of Iran by H. Sipman; (last update 19 September 2006)
  5. Pictures of AEGEAN LICHENS ; (last update 3 January 2007)
  6. Pictures of SINGAPORE LICHENS ; (last update 2 June 2007)
  7. Macrolichen keys and Checklist for NEW GUINEA LICHENS, by A. Aptroot; last update 1 Febr. 2010. (pdf-file for downloading)
  8. Provisional identification keys for LICHENS FROM REUNION; (last update 24 May 2011)
  9. Provisional identification key for the lichen genus CLADONIA IN S.E. BRAZIL; (last update 24 May 2013)
  10. Pictures of PORTO SANTO LICHENS; (last update 14 August 2019).

This site is named in honour of Georg Hermann Zschacke (1867-1937), teacher in the Anhaltian town of Bernburg, Germany, who devoted his life to the study of lichens. Besides regional studies on the Harz mountains in Germany, Rumania and the French island of Corse, he published taxonomic studies of Verrucariaceae. A biography (in German) was published by Hermann and Mattick in Verh. Bot. Ver. Prov. Brandenburg 79: 192-195, 196-198 (1939). His herbarum is kept in B.