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Willdenowia 34(1) - contents

Contents Willdenowia 34(2)

Contents Willdenowia 34(1) (issued 25 August 2004)

Greuter, W. & Vogt, R.: Bericht über den Botanischen Garten und das Botanische Museum Berlin-Dahlem (BGBM) für das Jahr 2003

pages 5-38

Annual Report

Oberprieler, C.: On the taxonomic status and the phylogenetic relationships of some unispecific Mediterranean genera of Compositae-Anthemideae I. Brocchia, Endopappus and Heliocauta

pages 39-57

Abstract | Alignment data sets | Full-text article

Valdés, B.: The Euro+Med treatment of Boraginaceae

pages 59-61

Abstract | Full-text article

Valdés, B.: Some validations in Liliaceae

pages 63-64

Abstract | Full-text article

Kilian, N. & Greuter, W.: Sonchus esperanzae, nom. nov. (Compositae, Cichorieae)

pages 65-66

Abstract | Full-text article

Verloove, F.: Bouteloua gracilis (Chloridoideae, Poaceae), a new American xenophyte in Europe

pages 67-69

Abstract | Full-text article

Greuter, W. & Raus, Th. (ed.): Med-Checklist Notulae, 22

pages 71-80

Abstract | Full-text article

Krigas, N. & Kokkini, S.: A survey of the alien vascular flora of the urban and suburban area of Thessaloniki, N Greece

pages 81-99

Abstract | Full-text article

Panitsa, M., Bazos, I., Dimopoulos, P., Zervou, S., Yannitsaros, A. & Tzanoudakis, D.: Contribution to the study of the flora and vegetation of the Kithira island group: Offshore islets of Kithira (S Aegean, Greece)

pages 101-115

Abstract | Full-text article

Yannitsaros, A.: Additions to the flora of Kithira (Greece) II

pages 117-128

Abstract | Full-text article

Scholz, H. & Müller, J.: Stapfochloa (Poaceae: Cynodonteae, Chloridinae), a new genus from Africa

pages 129-133

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Parolly, G. & Nordt, B.: Peucedanum isauricum (Apiaceae), a striking new species from S Anatolia, with notes on the related P. graminifolium and P. spreitzenhoferi

pages 135-144

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Parolly, G. & Scholz, H.: Oreopoa gen. novum, two other new grasses and further remarkable records from Turkey

pages 145-158

Abstract | Full-text article

Kilian, N., Hein, P. & Hubaishan, M. A. (ed.): Further notes on the flora of the southern coastal mountains of Yemen

pages 159-182

Abstract | Full-text article

Rahiminejad, M. R., Ghaemmaghami, L. & Sahebi, J.: Chenopodium pumilio (Chenopodiaceae) new to the flora of Iran

pages 183-186

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Ranjbar, M., Amirabadizadeh, H., Karamian, R. & Ghahremani, M. A.: Notes on Onobrychis sect. Heliobrychis (Fabaceae) in Iran

pages 187-190

Abstract | Full-text article

Mirtadzadini, M. & Attar, F.: Cousinia (sect. Spinuliferae) hazarensis (Compositae, Cardueae), a new species from SE Iran

pages 191-194

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Bogner, J.: Cryptocoryne sivadasanii (Araceae), a new species from India

pages 195-201

Abstract | Full-text article ]

Bogner, J. & Arnautov, N.: Aspidistra locii (Convallariaceae), an unusual new species from Vietnam

pages 203-208

Abstract | Full-text article

Businský, R.: A revision of the Asian Pinus subsection Strobus (Pinaceae)

pages 209-257

Abstract | Appendix 1+2: Herbarium material examined, Statistical and biometrical data | Full-text article

Rankin Rodríguez, R. & Greuter, W.: A study of differentiation patterns in Capparis sect. Breyniastrum in Cuba, with a nomenclatural and taxonomic survey of Cuban Capparis (Capparaceae)

pages 259-276

Abstract | Searchable database of specimen data | Full-text article

Beurton, C.: Angostura ossana (Rutaceae), a component of the Cuban flora

pages 277-289

Abstract | Full-text article

Berazaín Iturralde, R.: A new species of Purdiaea (Clethraceae) from Cuba

pages 291-294

Abstract | Full-text article

González Gutiérrez, P. G. & Verdecía Góngora, J. L.: First record of Oenothera kunthiana (Onagraceae) for the flora of Cuba

pages 295-296

Abstract | Full-text article

Gonçalves, E. G. & Bogner, J.: Philodendron pusillum (Araceae), a remarkable new species from Colombia

pages 297-300

Abstract | Full-text article

Kürschner, H. & Sollman, P.: New and noteworthy bryophyte records for the flora of Yemen. Additions to the Bryophyte Flora of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra 8

pages 301-308

Abstract | Full-text article

Leuenberger, B. E.: The Cactaceae of the Willdenow herbarium, and of Willdenow (1813)

pages 309-322

Abstract | Full-text article

Leuenberger, B. E.: Edith Raadts (1914-2004)

pages 323-325

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page 327-338

Index to new names and combinations appearing in Willdenowia 34(1)

page 339