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Closing cycles.

Nature knows no waste! In the Botanic Garden, a central nature protection facility, untold amounts of biological waste are produced every year and these were conventionally disposed of to date. Closing the material cycles in the Gardens is the aim of the TerraBoGa cooperation project. With the financial support of the European Union and the Federal State of Berlin, the biological waste is being examined with respect to recycling it and, in accordance with the Garden’s needs, is being prepared using methods that were originally modelled on Terra Preta from the Amazon region in Brazil.

The final report is available at

The TerraBoGa project  website


Preventing the disposal of 300 tonnes of biomass and 200 tonnes of CO2eq per year

Annual budget relief of 10,000 euros

Promoting an understanding between people and nature, particularly in urban agglomerations (urban farming)


Funding bodies: