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Willdenowia 34(2) - contents

Contents Willdenowia 34(2) (issued 22 December 2004)

Oberprieler, C.: On the taxonomic status and the phylogenetic relationships of some unispecific Mediterranean genera of Compositae-Anthemideae II. Daveaua, Leucocyclus and Nananthea
pages 341-350
Abstract | Alignment data set | Full-text article

Jury, S. L.: The Euro+Med treatment of Hedera (Araliaceae) – recent studies and a new name 
pages 351-352
Abstract | Full-text article

Peruzzi, L. & Cesca, G.: Chromosome numbers of flowering plants from Calabria, S Italy II. 
pages 353-360
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Danin, A.: Arundo (Gramineae) in the Mediterranean reconsidered 
pages 361-369
Abstract | Full-text article ]

Dinter, I. & Greuter, W.: Silene rothmaleri (Caryophyllaceae), believed extinct, rediscovered at Cabo de São Vicente (Algarve, Portugal) 
pages 371-380
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Turland, N., Phitos, D., Kamari, G. & Bareka, P.: Weeds of the traditional agriculture of Crete 
pages 381-406
Abstract | Database of surveyed localities and recorded taxa | Full-text article

Didukh, Y., Romo, A. & Boratyñski, A: On five rare vascular plant species reported from Crimea, Ukraine 
pages 407-410
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Van der Maesen, L. J. G. & Akoègninou, A.: Notulae Florae Beninensis 3. – Botanical collectors in Benin
pages 411-420
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Wörz, A. & Duman, H.: Eryngium trisectum (Apiaceae, Saniculoideae), a new species from Turkey 
pages 421-425
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Hand, R. (ed.): Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus IV. 
pages 427-456
Abstract | Index to taxa of "Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus I-IV" | Full-text article

Raus, Th. & Scholz, H.: Contribution to the flora of Cyprus: a new species of Crypsis (Poaceae) 
pages 457-462
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Eren, Ö., Gökçeoglu, M. & Parolly, G.: The flora and vegetation of Bakirli Dagi (Western Taurus Mts, Turkey), including annotations on critical taxa of the Taurus range
pages 463-503
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Dulamsuren, C., Kamelin, R. V., Cvelev, N. N., Hauck, M. & Mühlenberg, M.: Additions to the flora of the Khentej, Mongolia, 2
pages 505-510
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Caluff, M. G. & Sánchez, C.: Novelties in Thelypteris subg. Goniopteris (Thelypteridaceae, Pteridophyta) in Cuba 
pages 511-523
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Gonçalves, E. G.: Philodendron cardosoi, a new species of Araceae from Brazil  
pages 525-527
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Peter, G.: The genus Isostigma (Asteraceae, Heliantheae) in Paraguay, with a key to the species of the genus 
pages 529-537
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Mandeel, Q. & Aptroot, A.: Lichens of Bahrain 
pages 539-542
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Seaward, M. R. D., Sipman, H. J. M., Schultz, M., Maassoumi, A. A., Haji Moniri Anbaran, M. & Sohrabi, M.: A preliminary lichen checklist for Iran 
pages 543-576
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Jahn, R. & Kusber, W.-H.: Algae of the Ehrenberg collection – 1. Typification of 32 names of diatom taxa described by C. G. Ehrenberg 
pages 577-595
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