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Selected Publications


Escobari B., Borsch T. & Kilian N. 2023: Generic concepts and species diversity within the Gynoxyoid clade (Senecioneae, Compositae). – PhytoKeys 234: 61–106.

Vogt R. & Gottschlich G. 2023: Type material in the Hieracium (Compositae: Cichorieae) collection of Joseph Bornmüller. – Phytotaxa 613: 81–126.

Zhang J.-W., Kilian N., Huang J.-H. & Sun H. 2023: Ixeridium sagittarioides (Asteraceae-Cichorieae) revisited: range extension and molecular evidence for its systematic position in the Lactuca alliance. – PhytoKeys 230: 115-130.

Zografidis A., Koutroumpa K., Liveri E. & Dimopoulos P. 2023: Centaurea dolopica (Asteraceae, Cardueae), a new species of section Acrocentron from Greece. – Phytotaxa 584: 173–185.


Hatami E., Jones K. E. & Kilian N. 2022: New insights into the relationships within subtribe Scorzonerinae (Cichorieae, Asteraceae) using hybrid capture phylogenomics (Hyb-Seq). – Frontiers Pl. Sci. 13(851716): 1-29.

Oberprieler C., Conti F., Dorfner M., Eder S.-M., Heuschneider A., Ott T., Scheunert A. & Vogt R. 2022: The taxonomy of Leucanthemum ircutianum (Asteraceae, Anthemideae) in the Apennine Peninsula based on AFLP fingerprinting, plastid DNA sequence variation and eco-climatological niche reconstruction. – Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 199: 830–848.

Oberprieler C., Töpfer A., Dorfner M., Stock M. & Vogt R. 2022: An updated subtribal classification of Compositae tribe Anthemideae based on extended phylogenetic reconstructions. – Willdenowia 52: 117–149.

Ott T., Schall M., Vogt R. & Oberprieler C. 2022: The warps and wefts of a polyploidy complex: integrative species delimitation of the diploid Leucanthemum (Compositae, Anthemideae) representatives. – Plants 11(1878): 1–19.

Vogt R. & Gottschlich G. 2022: Ferdinand Tessendorff (1879–1924) and his Hieracium collection. – Willdenowia 52: 83–90.

Güzel M., Kilian N., Sennikov A., Coşkunçelebi K., Makbul S., Gültepe M. 2022: Caucasoseris, a new genus of subtribe Chondrillinae (Asteraceae: Cichorieae) for the enigmatic Prenanthes abietina. – Willdenowia 52: 103-115.


Escobari B., Borsch T., Quedensley T. S. & Gruenstaeudl M. 2021: Plastid phylogenomics of the gynoxoid group (Senecioneae, Asteraceae) highlights the importance of motif-based sequence alignment amid low genetic distances.  – Amer. J. Bot. 108: 2235–2256.

Yin Z.-J., Wang Z.-H., Kilian N., Liu Y., Peng H. & Zhao M.X. 2021: Mojiangia oreophila (Crepidinae, Cichorieae, Asteraceae), a new species and genus from Mojiang County, SW Yunnan, China, and putative successor of the maternal Faberia ancestor. – Pl. Diversity

Güzel M. E., Coşkunçelebi K., Kilian N., Makbul S. & Gültepe M. 2021: Phylogeny and systematics of the Lactucinae (Asteraceae) focusing on their SW Asian centre of diversity. – Pl. Syst. Evol. 307, 7: 1-14.

Baldesi G. & Kilian N. 2021: A new gypsicolous species of Launaea (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) from north Somalia. – Phytotaxa 501: 195-200(Link ist extern).

Vogt R., Wagner F. & Oberprieler C. 2021: The genus Heteromera (Compositae, Anthemideae). – Willdenowia 51: 233–249.


Raab-Straube E. von & Lidén M. 2020: Saussurea solaris (Asteraceae, Cardueae), a new species from East Himalaya first collected by Francis Kingdon-Ward in 1938 and rediscovered in 2013. – Symb. Bot. Upsal. 40: 130–133.

Wang Z.-H., Kilian N., Chen Y.-P. & Peng H. 2020: Sinoseris (Crepidinae, Cichorieae, Asteraceae), a new genus of three species endemic to China, one of them new to science. – Willdenowia 50: 91–110.

Hatami E., Mirtadzadini M., Bordbar F. & Jones K. E. 2020: Delimitation of Iranian species of Scorzonera subg. Podospermum and S. subg. Pseudopodospermum (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) based on morphological and molecular data. – Willdenowia 50: 39–63.

Zaika M. A., Kilian N., Jones K., Krinitsina A. A., Nilova M. V., Speranskaya A. S. & Sukhorukov A. P. 2020: Scorzonera sensu lato (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) – taxonomic reassessment in the light of new molecular phylogenetic and carpological analyses. – PhytoKeys 137: 1-85.

Wagner F., Ott T., Schall M., Lautenschlager U., Vogt R. & Oberprieler C. 2020: Taming the Red Bastards: Hybridisation and species delimitation in the Rhodanthemum arundanum-group (Compositae, Anthemideae). – Molec. Phylogenet. Evol. 144: 106702.

Buttler K. P. & Vogt R. 2020: Chromosomenzahlen in der Gattung Leucanthemum Mill. (Compositae-Anthemideae) in Deutschland. – Kochia 13: 1-16.


Wagner F., Ott T., Zimmer C., Reichhart V., Vogt R. & Oberprieler C. 2019: ‘At the crossroads towards polyploidy’: Genomic divergence and extent of homoploid hybridisation are drivers for the formation of the ox‐eye daisy polyploid complex (Leucanthemum, Compositae‐Anthemideae). – New Phytol. 223: 2039-2053.

Oberprieler C., Schinhärl L., Wagner F., Hugot L. & Vogt R. 2019: Karyological and molecular analysis of Leucanthemum (Compositae, Anthemideae) in Corsica. – Willdenowia 49: 411-420.

Silakadze N., Kilian N., Korotkova N., Mosulishvili M. & Borsch T. 2019: Multiple evolutionary origins of high mountain bellflowers with solitary flowers and calyx scales render a core Caucasian clade of the Scapiflorae group (Campanulaceae). – Syst. Biodiv.

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Szukala A., Korotkova N., Gruenstaeudl M., Sennikov A. N., Lazkov G. A., Litvinskaya S. A., Gabrielian E., Borsch T. & Raab-Straube E. von 2019: Phylogeny of the Eurasian genus Jurinea (Asteraceae: Cardueae): Support for a monophyletic genus concept and a first hypothesis on overall species relationships. – Taxon 68: 112–131.


Jones K. E., Schilling E. E., Dias E. F. & Kilian N. 2018: Northern Hemisphere disjunctions in Lactuca (Cichorieae, Asteraceae): independent Eurasia to North America migrations and allopolyploidization. – Willdenowia 48: 259–284.

Yin Z.-J., Kilian N., Li B.-Z., Sun H.-Y., Zhao M.-X. & Wang Z.-H. 2018: A new species of Melanoseris (Lactucinae, Cichorieae, Asteraceae) from SW Xizang, China, based on morphological and molecular data. – Phytotaxa 357: 189–197.

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Vogt R., Konowalik K. & Oberprieler C. 2018: Karyological analysis reveals two new polyploid marguerite taxa (Leucanthemum Mill., Compositae-Anthemideae) in S France and NW Italy. – Willdenowia 48: 221-226.


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