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Research Projects

Current projects Caribbean islands

  • Systematic and Biogegraphie of Buxus (phD investigation of Pedro A. González-Gutiérrez, Centro de Investigaciones y Servicios Ambientales de Holguín (CISAT)-CITMA. Cuba).
  • Phylogeny and Biogeographie of Achalyphoideae s. str. (post Doctoral investigation of Dr. Angelica A. Cervantes Maldonado UNAM Mexico in colaboration with Jorge Gutieréz Herbario (HAJB) "Johannes Bisse", Jardín Botánico Nacional (JBN) Universidad de La Habana (UH). Ministerio de Educación Superior. Habana, Cuba).
  • Phylogeny of Coccoloba  (in colaboration with Idelfonso Castañeda, Jardín Botánico de Villa Clara, Universidad Central “Marta Abreu” de Las Villas. Santa Clara, Cuba).
  • Phylogeny of Copernicia  and Coccothrinax (in colaboration with Raúl Verdecia Pérez, Jardín Botánico de Las Tunas, Cuba).

Permanent online resources

Flora de Cuba - Specimen database

A database of the specimens used for the published treatments of the Flora de Cuba. Establishment of the database has been supported by the Association of Friends of the BGBM. It is maintained by the BGBM’s Cuba and Caribbean Research Group.

Current projects Colombia

ColBioDiv project (Integrated Biodiversity Management in Exemplar Regions of Colombia)

Colombia offers a unique variety of ecosystems, some of which are still in a very natural state, but which are being negatively affected by increasing usage requirements and usage competition. The ColBioDiv project seeks to generate the knowledge base required for a sustainable development by following a transdisciplinary research approach (integration of scientific and socio-cultural approaches).