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Loans and document delivery service

The library participates in the national and international inter-library loan services. For orders made on the interlibrary loan request form, photocopies of items up to 20 pages are delivered free of charge within Germany. Journal articles can be ordered also via the online inter-library loan service.

In addition, the library offers a document delivery service. Orders are processed within 72 hours and the requested items are delivered as graphical pdf file by e-mail (as far as permitted by the German copyright laws) or as photocopies by fax or mail within 72 hours; prices as listed below.

Please direct orders to:

Document delivery
..........within Germany
..........within Europe
..........outside Europe

1 item up to 20 pages:
                   4.00 EUR
                   6.00 EUR (mail) / 4.00 EUR (e-mail)
                 10.00 EUR (mail) / 4.00 EUR (e-mail)
              each additional page 0.10 EUR