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Botanical models are unique documents of science history and at the same time startling pieces of craftsmanship.  Come and see!

Glass model of a marine bristleworm, Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, Dresden 1885-1887. Humboldt-University, Zoological teaching collection. Photo: C. Hillman-Huber 
Model of a field poppy, Firma Osterloh, 1st half of the 20th c.  1. Hälfte 20. Jh. Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Photo: C. Radke 
Many models try to ressemble the original in as much detail as possible. Sometimes even natural specimens, natural casts or moulages, and more recently 3D-prints from computer tomographic images are used as models.     
  A special attraction is our virtual greenhouse. Place the oculus on your head and head for a virtual, threedimensional journey to some of the tallest trees in the world. 





 © Hillman-Huber, Geisler