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Index Seminum

Download: Index Seminum 2024

  • Seeds from this Index Seminum are not on sale but are available, on an exchange basis, exclusively for scientific, educational, and nature conservation purposes. Progeny raised from these seeds may not be used to generate commercial profit without prior written permission from the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin, which will not be granted unless equitable sharing of benefits with the countries of wild origin, under the terms and in the spirit of the Convention on Biological Diversity, is secured. Seeds or their progeny transferred to third parties must be vinculated to the same conditions.
    In accordance with our international commitments we kindly ask you to sign the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) in which you agree to these conditions.
  • By ordering seeds or other plant material from the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin, the recipient accepts and pledges to respect the above conditions.
  • The nomenclature of the European and Mediterranean plant species follows as far as published Greuter & al., Med-Checklist 1-4 (Genève 1984-2008), respectively “The Euro+Med PlantBase” (, otherwise Tutin & al., Flora Europaea 1-5 (Cambridge 1968- 1993) or other critical regional floras. Author citations (until 1998 following Draft Index of Author Abbreviations, Kew 1980) from 1999 onward follow with few exceptions the standard list of Brummitt & Powell (Authors of Plant Names, Kew 1992).
  • Please report to us any misidentifications.
  • Hybridization is not impossible in seeds collected in the garden.


Send your orders with indication of sample number (max. 35 accessions) and with your current mailing address to: Mail@Dahlemer Saatgutbank or

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