Willdenowia 33 - contents

Contents Willdenowia 33(2)

Contents Willdenowia 33(1) (issued 21 August 2003; "29. August 2003" given in error on back cover of print edition) [Abstracts]

Greuter, W. & Vogt, R.: Bericht über den Botanischen Garten und das Botanische Museum Berlin-Dahlem (BGBM) für das Jahr 2002 ..... 5 [Full-text article]

Greuter, W., Oberprieler, C. & Vogt, R.: The Euro+Med treatment of Anthemideae (Compositae) – generic concepts and required new names ..... 37 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Greuter, W.: The Euro+Med treatment of Astereae (Compositae) – generic concepts and required new names ..... 45 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Greuter, W.: The Euro+Med treatment of Cardueae (Compositae) – generic concepts and required new names ..... 49 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Moth Wiklund, A.: Arcyna, a new genus segregated from Cynara (Compositae) ..... 63 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Marhold, K., Perný, M. & Kolník, M.: Miscellaneous validations in Cruciferae and Crassulaceae ..... 69 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Bacchetta, G., Brullo, S. & Terrasi, M. C.: A new species of Hypochaeris L. (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) from Sardinia ..... 71 [Abstract],  [Full-text article]

Panitsa, M., Snogerup, B., Snogerup, S. & Tzanoudakis, D.: Floristic investigation of Lemnos island (NE Aegean area, Greece) ..... 79 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Kilian, N.: Pulicaria uniseriata nom. nov. (Compositae, Inuleae) ..... 106 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Mehregan, I., Assadi, M. & Attar, F.: Cousinia (sect. Haussknechtianae) gatchsaranica, a new species from SW Iran ..... 107 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Akhani, H. & Salimian, M.: An extant disjunct stand of Pterocarya fraxinifolia (Juglandaceae) in the central Zagros Mountains, W Iran ..... 113 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Pimenov, M. G. & Kljuykov, E. V.: Notes on some Sino-Himalayan species of Angelica and Ostericum (Umbelliferae) ..... 121 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Lomonosova, M. & Freitag, H.: A new species of Suaeda (Chenopodiaceae) from the Altai, Central Asia ..... 139 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Dulamsuren, C. & Mühlenberg, M.: Additions to the flora of the Khentei, Mongolia ..... 149 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Shelton Serrano, G. & Caluff, M. G.: Three new species of Selaginella (Selaginellaceae) from Cuba ..... 159 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Casper, S. J. & Urquiola Cruz, A. J.: Pinguicula cubensis (Lentibulariaceae) – a new insectivorous species from western Cuba (Cuba occidental) ..... 167 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Panfet Valdés, C.: New species of Ardisia and Myrsine (Myrsinaceae) from Cuba ..... 173 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Panfet Valdés, C. & Ventosa Rodríguez, I.: Additions to Wallenia subg. Homowallenia (Myrsinaceae) in Cuba ..... 179 [Abstract],  [Full-text article]

Berazaín Iturralde, R.: A new species of Ouratea (Ochnaceae) from Cuba ..... 183 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Oviedo Prieto, R.: Novelties in Erythroxylum (Erythroxylaceae) of the Greater Antilles ..... 187 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Cotton, E. & Meier, W.: Clidemia intonsa and Miconia chapensis (Miconieae, Melastomataceae), two new species endemic to cloud forest refuges in the Coastal Cordillera of Venezuela ..... 197 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

Kürschner, H. & Ochyra, R.: Erpodium glaziovii (Erpodiaceae, Bryopsida) and further novelties from the Arabian Peninsula. Additions to the Bryophyte Flora of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra 4 ..... 205 [Abstract] [Full-text article]

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Contents Willdenowia 33(2) (issued 22 December 2003) [Abstracts]

Greuter, W.: The Euro+Med treatment of Cichorieae (Compositae) - generic concepts and required new names ….. 229 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Greuter, W.: The Euro+Med treatment of Gnaphalieae and Inuleae (Compositae) - generic concepts and required new names ….. 239 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Greuter, W.: The Euro+Med treatment Senecioneae and the minor Compositae tribes - generic concepts and required new names, with an addendum to Cardueae….. 245 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Danihelka, J. & Marhold, K.: Validation of the name Artemisia pancicii (Asteraceae) ….. 251 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Peruzzi, L. & Passalacqua, N. G.: On Ranunculus aspromontanus (Ranunculaceae) and its taxonomic relationship ….. 255 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Conti, F., Gubellini, L., Lakusic, D. & Santangelo, A.: Silene notarisii (Caryophyllaceae), a neglected species of the Central Apennines, Italy ….. 265 [Abstract], [Full-text article], [Electronic supplement: specimina visa selecta]

Tsiripidis, I. & Athanasiadis, N.: Contribution to the knowledge of the vascular flora of NE Greece: Floristic composition of the beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forests in the Greek Rodopi ….. 273 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Bogner, J.: A new Amorphophallus species (Araceae) from Madagascar ….. 299 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Hand, R. (ed.): Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus III. ….. 305 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Parolly, G. & Kilian, N.: Scorzonera karabelensis (Compositae), a new species from SW Anatolia, with a key to the subscapigerous Scorzonera species in Turkey ….. 327 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Al-Turki, T. A.: A new species of Indigofera (Fabaceae) from southwestern Saudi Arabia ….. 337 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Podlech, D. & Zarre, S.: New species of Astragalus sect. Ammodendron (Fabaceae) with a key to the species of the Flora Iranica region ….. 341 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Pimenov, M. G., Kljuykov, E. V. & Ostroumova, T. A.: A revision of Conioselinum Hoffm. (Umbelliferae) in the Old World ….. 353 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Raab-Straube, E. von: Phylogenetic relationships in Saussurea (Compositae, Cardueae) sensu lato, inferred from morphological, ITS and trnL-trnF sequence data, with a synopsis of Himalaiella gen. nov., Lipschitziella and Frolovia ….. 379 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Suksathan, P. & Borchsenius, F.: Two new species of Stachyphrynium (Marantaceae) from SE Asia ….. 403 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Soják, J.: Some new taxa of Potentilla (Rosaceae) from New Guinea, Asia and Canada (Notes on Potentilla XV.) ….. 409 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Caluff, M. G. & Shelton, G.: The musciform Selaginella species (Selaginellaceae) with broad lateral leaves in the West Indies ….. 425 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Rankin Rodríguez, R.: Cleome sect. Physostemon (Cleomaceae) in Cuba ….. 439 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Kürschner, H.: Nineteen new records to the bryophyte flora of Socotra Island. Additions to the Bryophyte Flora of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra 5. ….. 445 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Schubert, R., Lücking, R. & Lumbsch, H. T.: New species of foliicolous lichens from "La Amistad" Biosphere Reserve, Costa Rica ….. 459 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

Kusber, W.-H.: Typification of the four European species of Gonyostomum (Raphidophyceae) and first records of G. depressum from NE Germany ….. 467 [Abstract], [Full-text article]

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