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Outdoor Areas

Our outdoor plant collection and scenery. The garden is never off-season! 

Throughout the year something is in flower.

Jungfer im Garten - Nigella damascena Magnolie - Magnolia x soulangiana

Not only the flowers are colorful and manifold. The myriads of facets plant life exhibit to the interested visitor is purely inexhaustible and invites you to discover new aspects in each hidden corner of our beautifully landscaped grounds.

Depending on the season and of course on weather conditions there are numerous ways to approach the plant collections and the stunning sceneries. 
There are thousands of plants you might encounter in over 30 hectares. Find more about some interesting or curious plants to be prepared for a visit in the Botanic Garden.

For more information regarding green houseplants click here “ More information on our green houses”.


At the moment these papers of information are available in german language only.






Economic Plants