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The Greenhouses

The main tropical greenhouse (A) with its length of 60 m and height of 23 m is one of the largest in the world. Featuring tall trees with epiphytes growing on them, and marvelously coloured plants below, as well as lianas and other climbers, it gives you an idea of the huge variety of tropical vegetation. One of the annexes of the main tropical greenhouse contains plants from the deserts of southern Africa, such as the famous Welwitschia and "living stones". In the Victoria House (O) you will be greeted by oppressive tropical heat and humidity. The famous giant water lily (Victoria) thrives here during the summer months. On your journey through the tropical greenhouses you will encounter the rich Berlin collection of begonias (B), the fascinating diversity of the orchid (D) and bromeliad families (G), and the great variety of tropical ferns and fern allies (F). Another greenhouse (C) is given over to the presentation of the most important useful plants of the tropics. In the cooler greenhouses you will find displayed camellia and azalea species (N), plants from South Africa (K), Australia and New Zealand (M), and further plants from the Southern Hemisphere together with insectivorous plants (L). Succulents, or water-storing plants, from the Old World tropical and subtropical regions grow in their own greenhouse (H). It is dominated by the stem-succulent, candelabra-shaped Euphorbia-species and by aloes with their large fleshy rosette leaves. The neighbouring greenhouse (I) presents a succulent landscape from the New World, where mainly cacti reside, but also species of the century plants (Agave) and representatives of the Crassulaceae family. Standing apart from the main interconnected greenhouse complex, greenhouse (P) invites you to a journey of the Mediterranean region and the Canary Islands - a trip especially impressive in spring and early summer when flowering is at its peak. Tall tree ferns from the mountainous subtropical regions grow in the arch-shaped rear section. For your orientation there is a map of the houses below.

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Info-Raum (for temporary exhibitions) Victoria-Café