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Aquatic and Marsh Plant Garden

Plants from moors, ponds, and coasts as well as those from salty inland sites can be seen in this part. These plant communities are endangered in Central Europe due to the drainage of their habitats, a consequence of man´s increased demands on the land. Many of the species cultivated here are threatened by extinction, or have already died out completely in their natural habitats. These plants are listed in the "Red Data Book of Endangered Plants" of Germany and are more numerous here than in other parts of the Botanic Garden.

Situated along the main road between the Greenhouses and northern garden entrance, close to the Museum building; size about 3000 m².
This section displays natural wetlands of Germany: acid peat bog, humid meadows, a pond, reed marsh and salt marsh. It includes 11 raised basins and contains about 200 plant species. Many originate directly from natural sites in Germany, and some are threatened in the wild in our country. Three of the basins present biological themes, the others contain groups of related plants which are adapted to aquatic life. A 3-page information paper is available at the entrance of this Special Garden. Further information is presented on detailed plates at the basins and beds, an information leaflet (in German language).

Ch. Beurton

The Aquatic and marsh plant garden includes also a moss garden.

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