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The Arboretum

About 1800 different trees and shrubs are grouped together according to their relationship in this large part of the Botanic Garden. This section, with its old trees and colourful flower meadows is inviting for relaxation and informative walks. Conifers and Ginkgos are among the most ancient seed plant representatives. They belong to the gymnosperms (plants with naked seeds) which date from around 280 million years ago. The remainder of the Arboretum comprises examples from the angiosperms (plants with seeds enclosed in an ovary) which have dominated the world´s vegetation for the last 150 million years. The „Gertrud-Schaub-Pergola“ is a series of archways wich supports a variety of woody climbing plants. Surrounding the Rose Pavilion you can see many types of wild roses along with garden varieties.

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