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Aroid House

Greenhouses - House B

Numerous begonias and other, mostly ornamental tropical plants are the main subject of this greenhouse. The Begonia collection includes about 100 species as well as some cultivars. Dieffenbachias, Codiaeum, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, passion flowers, e.g. the red flowered Passiflora racemosa, and some temporary exhibits of mostly herbaceous tropical plants form a display containing several species well-known as house plants. During Christmas time „poinsettias" can be found here. Euphorbia pulcherrima, by the way, is a species from Mexico described in 1834 by Berlin botanist J. F. Klotzsch. [Photo: Begonia masoniana]

Some smaller palms and cycads are cultivated here as well before they are transplanted to the main tropical greenhouse. The flowering of female plants of the cycad Cycas rumphii can often be observed here.

B. Leuenberger

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