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Camellia House

Greenhouses - House N

The main attraction of this house (usually from January to April) is a dense grove of camellias, mostly Camellia japonica and some of its large red-flowered cultivars. Note that the tea shrub (Camellia sinensis) belongs to the same genus. It is grown here as well and even flowers in the winter months. Camellia tsaii is another species with small but numerous, white flowers. Other species of plants from eastern Asia are cultivated permanently or in temporary displays including horticultural forms of Rhododendron, Primula, and Chrysanthemum. Less conspicuous are species of Chlorophytum, Hedera, Acorus, Ophiopogon, and Liriope in the shady undergrowth. A number of laurophyllous shrubs belonging to genera of various families are representatives of this region of the world, among them Cinnamomum, Ilex, Lithocarpus, Osmanthus, Pittosporum, Sycopsis and Ternstroemia. Other exotic families for European standards are the evergreen lianas Holboellia coriacea of the Lardizabalaceae and Kadsura japonica (Schisandraceae). Photo: Camellias.

B. Leuenberger

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